How to Place and Receive Phone Calls on a Laptop

The pandemic, as you all know, has brought a wide range of changes all over the world. During this time, people used to meet their deadlines through work-from-home. Most of their work was on their laptops so they wanted to have as much ease as possible. The users even wanted to place calls and receive them through their laptops. You must be wondering if is it possible to do this? Of course, it is! This technology has been used by Apple users for some time, and it is now accessible by Microsoft users as well.

Phone Companion/Phone Link App

The newly launched app under the name “Link to Windows” now allows you to place and receive phone calls, messages, and even photos from your Android phone on your laptop. You will be notified about incoming calls and messages on your laptop directly. The calls can be transferred from your Android device to your laptop, and all this is possible due to the Windows phone link app.


The setup of this process isn’t demanding at all. All you need to do is take care of the requirements, which we are going to tell you in a second.

  • Your laptop should have a Windows 10 version or higher
  • Your Android device should have version 7.0 or higher

How to Receive and Place Phone Calls on a Laptop

Below is the process that needs to be followed in order to make or place phone calls on a laptop.

Step 1: Install the Phone Companion App on your Android device from Google Play Store:

Step 2: Install the Phone Companion App on your laptop through Microsoft Store:

Step 3: Launch the app on the laptop and click on Get started:

Step 4: Once the app gets downloaded on your phone and laptop, open the apps, and enter your Microsoft account credentials:

Step 5: Tick the box I have the Link to the Windows app ready and click on the Pair with QR code button:

Step 6:  A unique QR code will be generated; open the Link to Windows app on your phone and scan the QR code:

Step 7: Allow the required permissions and proceed further:

Note: Make sure your both devices i.e. laptop and phone are connected to the same internet.

Step 8: Open the app on your laptop and ensure your phone is properly set up.

Step 9: Click on Continue in the laptop app:

Step 10: Once confirmed, you can switch to the Make a call tab on the app running on your laptop:

After this process, you will be able to make and even receive phone calls from your laptop without even touching your mobile phone.


By following the above-mentioned procedure, you can now bring ease into your life by using a single device for meeting all your work requirements. Leave your phone behind and give your full attention to your laptop. To receive and make calls from your laptop install Microsoft Phone linking apps on phone and laptop.

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