How to Ping Someone on Discord

Discord is a popular communication platform where people connect through text, voice chat, and video calls in private chats or communities. Each of the Discord Servers has a capacity of 8000 members to accommodate. There can be a situation where a user wants to find someone to which you address or gain the attention of a particular user from this large number of the member’s list. In such scenarios, you can utilize the pinging functionality of Discord.

In this study, we will teach the procedure of pinging someone on Discord. So move ahead and get started!

How to Ping Someone on Discord?

Sometimes you want to communicate with particular users on the servers; you can ping them in the chat and gain their attention. Discord also permits you to both members and roles within a server. For instance, if you want to change your nickname on the server, you need a moderator, and the server may have multiple moderators. Instead of pinging separate moderators, tag the role of the moderator and send the required text.

Users can ping other people on Discord in two ways such as:

  • Ping Using Someone Name/Nickname on Discord 
  • Ping Using Someone Player Tag on Discord     

Now, go ahead and try them out one by one on your device!

Method 1: Ping Someone on Discord Using Name/Nickname

Discord users can easily ping someone by using their name/nickname. To ping someone, type “@[name/nickname of a particular person/role to be pinged]”. If multiple users have the same name/nickname, a list will appear from where you must select the specific person.

Follow up on the below steps to do so.

Step 1: Open Discord

With the help of the “Startup” menu, open the Discord desktop application on your system:

Step 2: Select Discord Server

From Discord’s main screen, select the server where you want to ping. Here, we have clicked on the “MariKhan’s” server:

Step 3: Ping Someone

In the server text bar, type “@[name of the corresponding person you like to ping]”. In our case, we will ping “Chinky” by typing “@Chinky are you there buddy?”:

Lastly, press the “Enter” button to send it:

Now move to another method of pinging someone on Discord.

Method 2: Ping Someone on Discord Using Player Tag

Nickname can be the same; however, every Discord user has a unique username + player tag from another. You can find a player tag beside your username like “ABC#0987”; here, “ABC” is your username, and “#0987” is a player tag. This player tag can also be utilized for pinging someone.

Check out the below step to ping someone using the player tag.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Search for the Discord application on your system and launch it:


Step 2: Choose Discord Server

Choose the Discord server where you want to ping someone from the left-side tab and click on it. Here, we have selected “Mari0422’s” server:

Step 3: Ping Someone

In the chat bar, type the player tag of the specific person along with its username as follows:

Press “Enter” to send the message:

That’s all! We have briefly described the methods of pinging someone on Discord.


There are two ways to ping someone on Discord: “Ping Using Someone Name/Nickname” or “Ping Using Someone Player Tag” on Discord. To ping using the username or their nickname, type “@[name/nickname of a particular person/role to be pinged]”. For the second approach, type the player tag along with the username for pinging the selected user. This study demonstrated the methods of pinging someone on Discord.

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