How to Pin Extension on Chrome

Google Chrome is a multi-platform and a widely-used web browser. It provides several features to enhance its functionality and extensions is one of them. Chrome allows you to download and to pin specific extensions to your browser toolbar to avoid messiness. It also permits you to pin and unpin an extension from the extension menu.

Extensions are little apps that assist you to personalize your browser experience. Without delving deeply into native code, an extension allows you to customize and add extra functionality to your web browser. Chrome extensions help to modify the Chrome browser to fit company preferences and needs, avoiding the need of ineffective traditional or independent programs.

The Chrome browser received a new Extensions Menu in 2019. Users may access all of their extensions from a single menu, which is accessible via a little jigsaw puzzle symbol near the URL bar. You can also add the multiple extensions to your extension menu from the Extension menu.

In this Article, a defined procedure to pin extensions on Chrome in Ubuntu (Linux OS) will be discussed.

How to Pin Extensions on Chrome Browser

Follow the steps mentioned below to successfully pin extension of your choice on Chrome toolbar.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser
Firstly you need to open the Chrome browser by double clicking on the Chrome icon.

Step 2: Open Extension Menu
Now click on jigsaw puzzle icon on top right corner to see the list of extensions you added to Chrome, jigsaw icon will only be appear if you have downloaded some extensions to Chrome browser:

Step 3: Pin Extension
Now to pin the extension on Chrome browser of your choice just click on pin icon in front of the extension and the pin icon will turn in to red colour like from my extension list, if I wanted to pin “Google Translate”, I will click on pin icon in front of it as shown below:

Step 4: Verify Pinned Extension
After clicking on pin icon of particular extension from extensions list, that particular extension will appear on the left side of jigsaw icon as shown below:

You can add more extensions according to your requirement.


Extensions add more functionality to your browser to perform various tasks, Chrome browser allows you to pin particular extensions of your choice to your browser to make your work easier. In this article an easy and latest approach to pin a particular extension to your Chrome browser on your Ubuntu system is discussed in steps. If you are Linux user and using Chrome as your browser then this article will help you to enhance functionality of your browser by pinning the specific extensions to your Chrome browser.

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