How to Fix a Key on a Laptop That is Not Working?

Keyboards are an important component of laptops, and they are very convenient portable machines; but one bad key on your keyboard can make it difficult to type. Well, not to worry here; you don’t need to replace your keyboard. Reading this article will help you know how you can fix a laptop keyboard key if it is not functioning correctly. Let’s begin with reasons:

What can be the Reasons for the Improper Functioning of the Key?

There can be multiple reasons for the improper functioning of your keyboard’s specific key:

  • Num lock key is on
  • Something below the key stopping the functionality
  • Mechanical failure
  • Outdated device drivers
  • Malware and viruses

Software and Hardware key Problem

Some problems with your laptop are tricky, and you are unable to judge whether the problem is with the software or the hardware of your laptop. To check the problem if it’s with the software or the hardware, follow these instructions:

1: Restart your computer and press the F1(key varies laptop to laptop) key to enter the BIOS. In BIOS, check the key that is not working, and if that key works perfectly, then there’s a software issue with your device. Also if the key is not functioning properly in the BIOS, then there’s a hardware issue with your device.

2: Another way to check the issue with a problematic key is to connect an external keyboard with your laptop; if it does not work fine, then the problem is software otherwise, its a hardware problem

3: Sometimes, the battery can cause keyboard-related problems. Batteries can cause pressure on the keyboard and remove it from space, remove the battery, and turn on the computer to check if the keyboard works fine or not.

What Can You Do If the Key Has A Software Problem?

If the key has an issue with the software and the key is not working, then follow these steps to check and solve the issue with the key:

1: Check the Numlock key

2: Reboot your computer

3: Reinstall your keyboard driver

4: Scan your laptop

1: Check the NumLock Key

Check the Numlock key to fix a key on a laptop that is not working; Numlock is used to switch between the primary and secondary functions of the keyboard. if it’s on, it might affect the functioning of some other keys and make these keys unusable..

2: Reboot your Laptop

Reboot your computer or start the laptop in safe mode; if the keyboard works there, then maybe some programmer device drivers are causing the issue.

3: Reinstall your Keyboard Driver

Sometimes drivers can cause problems if you have installed the third-party application.

Step 1: Open the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Windows option:

Step 2: Navigate toward the Keyboards section:

Step 3: Right-click on the keyboard and select Uninstall device:

Step 4: Restart your laptop to make changes.

4: Scan your Computer

Use the window pre-installed security tool to scan your computer from viruses.

What Can You Do If The Key Has A Hardware Problem?

Follow the following ways to fix a key on a laptop that is not working:

1: Remove Dirt

2: Replace the keyboard

1: Remove Dirt

Follow the below given tips to remove dirt under the key:

  • If using an external keyboard, flip it and remove the clips and then try removing the stuff. If there is a problem with the laptop keyboard key and it’s not functioning properly, then try using the compressed air to clean the residue under the key that is not working by connecting the pipe with a can’s nozzle and blowing the air. You can apply this method to both the built-in keyboards and an external keyboard. The sticky dust can also be removed by rubbing some alcohol and soapy water with cotton.
  • Else remove the key; enter a blade under the key not working and separate it from the keyboard with the help of a screwdriver. Now clean the key’s place and then place the key back.

2: Replace The Keyboard

If any of the methods are not working in solving the problem with the software, then consider replacing the keyboard because now the problem is with the hardware. Try replacing the key or use an external keyboard for typing.


Laptops are sensitive electronic devices, and with time some issues arise with the software and the operating system, and sometimes the hardware also fails. In those scenarios, there’s no need to panic and try the above-mentioned steps to solve any issues.

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