Pandas Timestamp Get Day

Pandas provide us with the day attribute that allows extracting the day from a given timestamp object.


To use this attribute, you need to construct a Timestamp object. You can do this using the timestamp() function as shown:

# import pandas
import pandas as pd
ts = pd.Timestamp('2022-04-04')

The above example creates a Pandas timestamp object from a datetime-time string. The resulting output is as shown:

2022-04-04 00:00:00

You can explore the Pandas timestamp() function in the resource shown:

Extract Day From Timestamp Object

To extract the day from the timestamp object shown above, we can run the code as shown:

print(f"date: {}")

The above should return the day from the provided timestamp object.

Get Day of Week

You can also fetch the day name from a timestamp object using the day_name() function.

An example is as shown:

print(f"day: {ts.day_name()}")


This was a short tutorial depicting how to extract the day and day name from a timestamp object.

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