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Transform Your Linux Desktop Icon Theme using Numix Circle

Linux distributions are quite flexible when it comes to customization and transformation of the desktop environment. There are hundreds of themes and icon sets available for Linux distributions.

Transforming a Linux desktop into something catchy is always a pleasant experience. This guide is about installing the Numix Circle Icon theme on Ubuntu. Numix Circle changes folder icons, symbols, indicator icons, etc. Let’s check how to install Numix on Ubuntu:

Installing Numix Circle Icon Set on Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) & 20.10:

Firstly, we need a tool that helps apply this theme to the desktop environment, and for that, we will use the Gnome Tweak Tool. To download and install it, type the below-mentioned command in the terminal:

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

It can be viewed in applications:


Now, to install the Numix Circle icon theme, we need to add a repository using the command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa


Use the below-mentioned command to update the packages lists:

$ sudo apt update

To complete the installation process, use the command shown below:

$ sudo apt install numix-icon-theme-circle


Applying Numix Circle Icon Set on Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) & 20.10:

To apply the theme, open “Gnome Tweak Tool,” click on appearance, and then “Icons” drop-down menu:


The Numix Circle theme can be viewed, select; the theme will be applied immediately:



This is how application icons look after applying the theme:


And folders:



Numix Circle icon theme gives a stunning look to your desktop. In this guide, we learned how to install the Numix icon theme on Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10, and then we understand the process of applying this theme using the Gnome Tweak Tool.

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