MX Linux vs. Ubuntu

Linux is not a limited platform as it has multiple operating systems for multiple works and provides amazing support to the users. We will consider MX Linux and Ubuntu as popular and offer outstanding facilities to the users. We will consider every single aspect of these Linux distros so that you can get complete information about  MX Linux vs. Ubuntu without having any trouble choosing between the two.

MX Linux

MX Linux is a middleweight Linux distro based on Debian and has Xfce as the default desktop environment.  MX Linux uses the core antiX components and all additional tools specifically developed by the MX community.  You can use this Linux distro on low-end devices, but it will look a little bit dull in appearance. However, KDE comes to save the day by decreasing resources without compromising the looks of MX Linux.

Some graphical MX tools provide appropriate convenience for performing different tasks while using the USB with portability. The support forum of this Linux distro is amazing so that users can resolve the errors easily.  MX Linux includes multiple tools such as Firefox 82, VLC 3.0.11, Clementine 1.3.1, Thunderbird 68.12.0, LibreOffice 6.1.5 (x64),  LuckyBackup 0.5.0-3 (Xfce) and so on.

Features of MX Linux

Below are some of the top features offered by the latest version of MX Linux:

  • MX Linux has great hardware recognition with automatic configuration.
  • MX Linux has given upgrades to all MX tools.
  • Users will get regular updates of important apps.
  • MX Tweak gives various tabs for both Fluxbox and KDE versions.
  • MX Linux provides localization for different MX apps in multiple languages.
  • MX Linux gives a good and friendly forum for supporting users.


Ubuntu is an open-source and free Linux operating system that is based on Debian. A company developed this Linux distro in the UK called Canonical Ltd, and it comes with three editions:

  • For Desktop
  • For Servers
  • For the Core of the IoT devices

You can run these Ubuntu editions on a single virtual machine easily.  Ubuntu is not limited to computers as you can run it on smartphones and network servers as well.  The ideology behind Ubuntu’s development was based on the ideology of open-source software development.

It is one of the best Linux operating systems in terms of security as Ubuntu has all of the security privileges and a built-in firewall system to eliminate risks.

Features of Ubuntu

We have listed the top features offered by the latest version of Ubuntu:

  • Ubuntu supports all of the Windows regular software like VLC, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
  •  LibreOffice is the official Office Suite of Ubuntu.
  • Apart from the office suite, Ubuntu also has an email tool known as Thunderbird that provides access to email other mail platforms.
  • There is an inbuilt tool to manage videos, and users can easily share them with others.
  • Ubuntu offers a smart searching feature to find the content quickly.
  • Ubuntu is an open-source Linux distro and has great community support.

 MX Linux vs. Ubuntu: System Requirements

Factors MX Linux Ubuntu
Best for Middleweight Middleweight
Processor Requirements A modern i686 Intel or AMD processor 2GHz dual-core processor
RAM requirements 1GB 4GB

MX Linux vs. Ubuntu: Comparison Table

Factors Ubuntu MX Linux
Created By Canonical Ltd Community of MX
Based On Debian Debian
Skills required Beginner Beginner
Best For Ubuntu is appropriate for general purposes and best for programming and students. Ubuntu works best for general purposes and programming.
Software Support Ubuntu is one of the most famous Linux distros, so different software types are available for it. Multiple software such as Spotify, Skype, VLC player, Firefox, Slack, Atom, Chromium, PyCharm, Telegram are available.
Hardware Support It supports multiple third-party drivers correctly. It supports multiple third-party drivers correctly.
Hardware Requirements Mid-end hardware requirements. Mid-end hardware requirements.
Community Support It is an easy-to-use operating system and offers amazing community support. It offers amazing community support but not better than Ubuntu.
Stability It is very stable and provides a fixed release cycle. It is very stable and provides a fixed release cycle.


It wraps up the comparison between MX Linux Vs. Ubuntu. We hope this comparison helps you to find out the best one as per your system requirements. As we have mentioned earlier, both of these Linux distros are based on Debian, and they provide amazing features and support for a huge variety of software. In our opinion, you can go for Ubuntu if you need a good Linux operating system with top-notch security and Windows software support.

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