Multishot Minecraft: Everything You need to know

Minecraft game comes with many different enchantments, and each have a unique role and advantage that you can take depending on the situation you are facing. It is important to take this point into consideration that not every enchantment is useful in every situation, so you need to act smartly and choose the right one.

In this article we will be discussing about the multishot enchantment, what it can do for you and how you can apply it with its uses.

What Does Multishot Do in Minecraft

Multishot is an enchantment in Minecraft that you can only apply to the crossbow. Doing this will give you an ability to shot 3 arrows using a single arrow. Generally, crossbow takes time to load an arrow which is its main disadvantage especially if you are dealing with multiple mobs at once.

So, shooting 3 arrows will give you an edge in such situation as now you are able to hit 3 different mobs at a same time. In this article we will be providing you with all the details as how you can apply this enchantment on a crossbow and from where you can find it.

There are multiple ways to apply this enchantment on a crossbow which are mentioned below.

Multishot Enchantment using an Enchanting Table

You can get the enchanting table naturally in the creative mode in Java version by simply pressing ‘E’ and then find it from there.

You can also get it by pressing the back slash ‘/’ key from the keyboard and write the mentioned command:

/give Linuxhint minecraft:enchanting_table

Where ‘Linuxhint’ is a username that you need to choose accordingly that you are using.

If you want to make an enchanting table from a scratch then you can make it using a book, diamond and obsidian blocks and place them accordingly as shown below.

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Now after having the enchanting table, the next thing you will need is a crossbow and the required amount of lapis lazuli. Doing this will requires a lot of effort as this is a rare enchantment that you won’t be able to get easily.

Note: Most of the enchantment books comes with multiple levels but the multishot comes with only one level.

Multishot Enchantment Using an Anvil

The second method of applying this enchantment is by getting the multishot enchantment book and then place it inside the anvil along with the crossbow. For that there are multiple ways to find it which are mentioned below.

Getting Multishot Enchantment by Trading with the Librarian

There is a possibility of getting this enchantment book by trading it with a librarian. For that you need to find any nearby village and then any idle villager. After that you need to place a lectern close to him which will assign him with a job of a librarian.

Now clicking on it will open multiple options for you and you need to keep trading until you are able to find this book.

Getting Multishot Enchantment from a Buried Treasure or Chest Loot

There are many places in the Minecraft game where you can find variety of chests such as woodland mansion, buried treasure and shipwreck. So, there is also a probability that you will get this book by exploring such chests as well.

Other than that, you can also find this enchantment book through fishing but the chances of getting one is quite low which around 0.8%. For this purpose, you will need a fishing rod and a boat to expand your fishing area and applying a luck of the sea enchantment will also give you an edge.

Now after getting the enchantment book, all you need to do is to place the crossbow and the book inside the anvil as shown below.

Now you need to equip the crossbow in your main hand and hold the right click to load the arrow. When you release the right click you will notice that it throws 3 arrows instead of 1 as shown below.


With the multishot enchantment you should be able to throw 3 arrows from the crossbow while consuming only a single arrow. Crossbow is one of the best ranged weapons but comes with a drawback of more loading time. But you can somehow compensate this by applying the multishot enchantment on it.

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