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Download MP4Joiner For Windows, Mac OS and Linux

MP4Joiner (also known as MP4Tools) is a simple free collection of tools that allows you to join and split MP4 files. App was created and maintained by Alex Thuring, a well known author of the popular DVDStyler software.

This package comes with two applications

  • MP4Joiner: A free application that allows join multiple MP4 files into one without reencoding and without quality loss.
  • MP4Splitter: A free application that allows split a MP4 file in multiple files without reencoding and without quality loss

Both mentioned tools are free, open source and they run on the following Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Key Info

  • Please note that both MP4Joiner and MP4Splitter which are both built inside “MP4Tools” are clean hence does not contain any 3rd party software bundles.
  • Something else to keep in mind is that both applications “MP4Joiner” and “MP4Splitter” can run without the need of re-encoding and no loss in the final outputted video quality. However, you can re-encode both video and audio if teh need arises using MP4Joiner by going to “Options” and enable them.

MP4Tools Changelogs

  • added option to save log file
  • MP4Joiner: added CRF and Preset options
  • updated ffmpeg to version 3.1.1
  • MP4Joiner: added options to force re-encoding
  • added French translation (thanks to Cocoa Pod)

Download MP4Tools

 Windows binary: MP4Tools-3.4-win32.exe
Mac OS X binary: MP4Tools-3.4-MacOSX.dmg (OS X ≥ 10.10)
Source Code: MP4Tools-3.4.tar.bz2

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