How to train your dragon in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world game that comes with lots of different features. Furthermore, you can further enhance your user experience by installing different mods available for this game. One of them is the “How to train your dragon” mod, in which there are various dragons available that are deadly. But you can also tame them and make them your friend using the required tools discussed in detail in this article.

The list of applications that are required to use this mod is mentioned below.

  • Minecraft Forge
  • Citadel for Minecraft
  • Ice and Fire Mod

The purpose of each application with the installation procedure is mentioned below.

How to download the Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is used to making some modifications in Minecraft games that were not available before. It was built to make community-made game modifications for Minecraft Java Edition more compatible. While writing this article, the latest version of Minecraft is 1.17.1, but the latest version for Ice and Fire mod is only available for 1.16.5 so you need to download accordingly.

How to download Citadel

Citadel for Minecraft is a unique library that optimizes all add-ons for technical advancements automatically. The add-ons will now be nicely compatible with one another, allowing you to get the most out of your gaming and become a welcome addition to your experience. You can download this file by visiting the link below.

After that, you need to place the downloaded file in the mods directory, which you can find inside the .minecraft directory. This directory can be accessible by running %appdata% as shown below.

How to download Ice and Fire Mod

This was the last application that was required before starting the dragon training procedure. You need to place the Ice and Fire mod file in the .minecraft folder like you placed the citadel file before downloading. After that, you need to launch the Minecraft game and select the forge application to start playing this mod.

How to train your dragon in Minecraft

There are few steps involved that are required to tame your dragon. These steps are mentioned below.

How to craft Dragon meal Recipe

Firstly, select “forge” and launch game:

Then click on “Mods”:

Now select “Ice and Fire” mod and press “Done”:

Now create a new world in Ice and Fire mod. Dragon Meal is used to tame and level up your dragons. It can be crafted with bones and any meat, except fish. You can find bones by killing the skeletons. You might find them at night or by searching any cave if you are having difficulties finding them. On the other hand, you can get raw meat by killing cows, sheep, or chickens. You can find these animals mostly in plains biomes.

How to tame a dragon

You can find a dragon in caves or mountains. Dragon will start hitting you once you get closer, so you need to use your dragon meal on the dragon for taming. The dragon will stop attacking you, and later you can achieve a best friend forever after taming him. After that, you can use the command staff for giving different orders by pressing the right-click. For example, a dragon will clear your pathway by breaking blocks and other things in your way if you order escorting, or it will start moving randomly anywhere in wandering. You can also order it to stay anywhere. You can use the dragon horn to store the dragon, and you can use it later.

Dragon horn recipe

Dragon horns can be used to store dragons that can be crafted by using Dragon Bones and a stick. Its primary source is the dragon’s skeleton that you can mostly find in the deserts or cold biomes. You can also store the tamed dragon inside it by clicking the right-click button and being summoned back by it.

Dragon Command Staff

You can craft a dragon command staff by using a dragon skull and sticks. A Dragon Skull can be obtained from the corpse of the already dead dragon, whereas the Recipe for sticks is already mentioned above. Various dragons are available in the game with different levels, so their skull size may also vary. It is used to give instructions to your dragon, which can be escorting where your dragon will clear your pathway, or you can also order it to stay.


Ice and Fire is one of the mods available for the Minecraft game where you can train the dragon and use them per your liking. You can tame dragons using a dragon meal, summon them using a dragon horn, and command them using a dragon command staff. All the prerequisites that are necessary to use this mod have been discussed in detail in this article.

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