What are Minecraft Mods?

Minecraft mods are used to modify the game experience. Modding is a process of adding custom elements to the game to enhance the gameplay experience. Minecraft has a very dedicated and creative community of developers to develop mods.

Minecraft is already a game that has no specific constraints to the gameplay. You can create, add and even customize anything without the boundaries of restrictions. It was launched as a survival game, but it is expanding, and developers keep on introducing new features. Allowing mods in Minecraft adds a layer of fun to the game.

This write-up is about a detailed discussion of Minecraft mods and their various types and the best mods available to try.

What is Minecraft Mods:

Mod is a short form of modification that is an alteration in the game that a developer made to tweak the game’s functionality. For instance, modifying different elements of the game, their behaviors, and appearances.

Mods can be a small in-game change or a complete revamp of the game. The primary objective of mods to extend the replayability. Similarly, in Minecraft, mods are not only enhancing the experience but also extending the replay value.

Mods are fun for both players and developers. Developers enjoy creating mods, and gamers love to use them in games.

There are typically three types of mods:

  1. Client-based mods: Mostly used by the players to modify the game files installed on their devices.
  2. Server-based mods: Mods to modify the official server for multiplayer gaming.
  3. Mod packs: Mod packs are combinations of mods that work together.

The question is, why a game developing company would allow some other developers to modify their game? Let’s discuss it:

Why Mods are allowed:

The big game publishing companies never welcome mods. And that’s completely ok to some extent; no publisher would allow any modification in its intellectual property. But some games fully allow modding, such as Skyrim and Minecraft.

So, why some developers allow modding? Well, the answer is linked to replayability. Most of the games have linear gameplay, the game with a specific beginning and some specific ending. And that makes the game quite predictable and repetitive.

To prevent a lack of interest by the players, publishers are now making their games more accessible to the community. That would ultimately help the game publisher to engaged a large audience with the game.

When it comes to Minecraft modding, there are thousands of them, which make its replay value limitless. You can download any interesting mod anytime to spice up your experience, and credit goes to the devoted community and dedicated developers.

What are the top Minecraft mods in 2021:

As discussed above, there are countless mods available to download and enjoy. Let’s discuss some of the latest mods that you should try immediately:


How about having Pokémon’s in Minecraft? Well, that’s possible with Pixelmon. Pixelmon is a very popular mod and has added hundreds of Pokémon so far. This mod is regularly being updated. You get a separate Pokémon interface; you can call any Pokémon by throwing your Pokéball and interact with them. This mod is worth giving a shot if you are a Pokémon enthusiast.

Minecraft Heli and Plane Mod:

In a mood to fly a helicopter and plane in Minecraft? Try MCHeli mod. You can explore the Minecraft world and even enjoy gliding by jumping out of your ride. Apart from that, it allows you to fire a missile to destroy the structure. This Mod would definitely be fun to have.


Optifine mod optimizes the Minecraft gameplay. There are many features that this mod offers to enhance the game in terms of appearance and gameplay. It doubles the framerate, increases the texture resolution, reduces lag, and more. If you are running Minecraft on an older machine, then go for Optifine mod immediately.


You can craft your own map in Minecraft, but that’s a bit basic; JourneyMap is a detailed map making it quite useful for navigating. This mod comes with a mini-map which is handy for exploration. JourneyMap is a real-time representation of the world and can even be viewed in a web browser.

Pam’s HarvestCraft:

Minecraft hasn’t seen any major update on farming. Well, thanks to the modding community, farming mechanics have finally been addressed in Pam’s HavestCraft. This mod offers a lot as compared to what you get in Vanilla. It comes with 80 crops, 50 fruit items, 19 new fish, auto planting and harvesting options. This mod has made farming a lot easier and more fun.


Modding is a method to modify the game to enhance its replayability. Games have a tendency to become repetitive and predictable which can make the entire experience bland. To prevent that, many games are now offering modding to extend the replayability and keep the players engaged with the game.

Modding in Minecraft is allowed to increase its replay value. Thanks to the loyal fans who keep developing mods for Minecraft and dedicated players who are enjoying these mods.

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