How Much Minecraft Cost – Every Platform

The Minecraft is very famous among game freaks and if you are also one of them then this guide is for you to know how much Minecraft costs as it has different editions and their support varies based on different platforms. You can get Minecraft classic edition for free but Bedrock and Java editions cost $29.99

You are provided with different editions of the Minecraft game and they are supported by different platforms. Minecraft editions include:

Also, we can classify all the above editions in accordance with the platform which support these editions:

Edition Platform
Minecraft Classic Windows



Minecraft Bedrock Edition Windows 10 and above

Mobile devices (Android and iOS)

Xbox (One and Series X|S)


Nintendo Switch

Xbox (One and Series X|S)

Minecraft Java Edition Windows



Minecraft Educational Windows




Minecraft Classic

You can get Minecraft Classic free of cost and you can just enter a username and click on the start button. The platforms which support this edition are Windows, Mac, and Linux:

Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java edition is available for $29.99 and its supporting platform is Windows:

Minecraft for Windows

You can get Minecraft for Windows for just $29.99. Below pictures shows 394,00 Kr which are equal to $29.99:

Minecraft for Mobile Devices

You can get Minecraft for your mobile and tablet for $6.99:

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch

You can get Minecraft Nintendo Switch version in just $29.99 and it is specifically designed Nintendo Switch:

Minecraft PS4 Edition

You can get Minecraft’s edition for PlayStation 4 in just $19.99 from official PlayStation store:

Minecraft Xbox One Edition

You can get Minecraft Xbox One Edition in just $19.99 and this edition is supported by Xbox One and Xbox One S:

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

You can get Minecraft Xbox 360 in $19.99:

Minecraft Educational

You can get a free trial of educational edition of Minecraft but after the trial you an get this version for $5-$12 per user/ year:

Minecraft Wii U Edition

You can get Minecraft Nintendo Wii U just for $29.99:

Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition

You can get Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS for $29.99:

Minecraft PI (Professional Internship) Edition

You can get Minecraft PI (Professional Internship) Edition free of cost:

Summary of All the Minecraft Editions and their Cost

You can see in the below table that how the cost of the Minecraft editions varies for different platform:

Price Platform Edition
Free Windows



Minecraft Classic
Raspberry Pi Pi Edition
$29.99 Windows



Java Edition
$29.99 Windows 10(and above)

VR Headsets

Minecraft for Windows
Nintendo Switch Minecraft for Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Wii U Wii U Edition
New Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DS Edition
$6.99 Apple iOS


Amazon phones and tablets

Minecraft for Mobile Devices
$ 19.99 PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita Edition
PlayStation 3 PS3 Edition
PlayStation 4 PS4 Edition
Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Edition
Xbox One

Xbox One S

Xbox One X

Xbox One Edition
Xbox One

Xbox One X/S

Xbox Series X/S

Minecraft for Xbox
PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5

Minecraft for PlayStation
$5-$12 per user/ year Windows




Education Edition


When a platform provides you an application to download it has set some price for the respective application or in case of games, you have to pay to download a game. Same is the case with Minecraft. You can get different editions of Minecraft from different platforms and each platform has a different price for it. Some platforms also provide you Minecraft for free.

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