What is Minecraft Adventure Mode?

Mojang’s iconic game Minecraft has garnered millions of players around the globe since its official launch in 2009 and the community of loyal fans is continuously growing. Despite having simple graphics, the game has managed to keep its players engaged with multiple game modes and experiences.

There are plenty of reasons that make the game significant, such as modding (addons), limitless challenges, and most importantly multiple game modes. In Minecraft, there are various games modes:

  • Survival Mode
  • Creative Mode
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Adventure Mode

All of these modes are distinct and have their own adventurous objectives, for example, the “Survival Mode” is designed to make players survive by crafting items and building shelter to stay safe from different hostile elements, hardcore is an intensive form of “Survival Mode”. The “Creative Mode” is all about creativity, there are no mob attacks or constraints on items, your primary task is to build anything you want.

The point of attention of this post is to discuss the adventure mode because few people know about this mode. So, we will discuss what “Adventure Mode” is, how to access it, and what possibilities this mode offers.

What is Adventure Mode in Minecraft?

The adventure mode in Minecraft allows the players to create their own maps, craft a series of challenges/quests, and let other players explore them. In this mode, there are few limitations to protect the actual map from being modified. But that does not mean the Adventure mode is lackluster as it is very interesting to explore various quests designed by other players and crafting your own experience for other players.

This mode is designed to let players solve puzzles and complete the objectives. A player cannot smash blocks in Adventure mode, and it requires special tools to destroy these blocks. The reason behind keeping the blocks unbreakable is to force the players to play the game as it is designed, and the hindrances make this mode more challenging.

How to Access Minecraft Adventure Mode? 

If you know about commands in Minecraft, then accessing adventure mode is straightforward. In the console version, the adventure mode is accessible from the menu screen. But in the PC version, this option is not available at all, but you can switch to adventure mode using the command below:

/gamemode adventure


/gamemode 2

After typing this command, you will be notified on the screen that mode has been changed to adventure mode and now you can enjoy a completely different aspect of the game.

Interactions in Minecraft Adventure Mode

As discussed above the biggest difference you will notice in adventure mode is not being able to destroy the blocks. You need to have a proper item to destroy a specific block. But there are some exceptions such as players with “World Building Role”.

But this does not mean that there is no interaction in this mode. Players can still interact with elements that are allowed by the adventure map designer to solve a particular quest. Moreover, there would be some adventure maps where you have to interact with mobs and zombies. The interactivity entirely depends upon the way the map is designed.

Features of Adventure Mode

There are various aspects of Adventure mode that make it different from other modes. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Blends Survival mode features
Despite being a totally different experience, there are some features in adventure mode that are taken from the survival mode. The player would still take damage from the mobs, and there are hunger and health bars as well.

Designed for custom maps
The Adventure mode is designed particularly for custom maps, which gives freedom to the players to design a map as they want and let other users enjoy the experience. There are also tons of adventure maps available to play.

Version to version distinction
In the PC version of Minecraft, the players cannot break the blocks unless they have the specific tool but in console edition (PS4), you can break and place blocks.

What Adventure Mode is All About?

So far, we have discussed adventure mode and its dissimilarities with other modes. However, the question is still there: “What adventure mode is all about?”

The primary objective of adventure mode is to give world builders and map designers to craft their own custom game experience.  It is to encourage the fans to create and share their own content with other Minecraft enthusiasts.

If you are a creative crafter, then Adventure mode can be quite useful for you to showcase your creativity.


Minecraft game has everything for everyone and the fan following of the game is growing tremendously. It has different modes with unique sets of rules. In this post, we discussed the lesser-known Adventure mode of Minecraft. Adventure mode is a distinct mode that allows players to design their own maps with custom quests and then share them with other players to enjoy. There are hundreds of adventure maps available to enjoy, but that discussion is for another day.

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