What does Mending do in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is fantastic, and the community keeps growing because of its frequent updates that add lots of new content, making everyone, whether experienced or novice players, and what could be more exciting than enchantment that you cannot do in real life, but Minecraft lets you feel it. One of the required enchantments is Mending, which you need to survive and do better.

Today, we will explain everything about Mending and unveil some secrets about it that we have noticed while exploring Minecraft, so stay tuned for this is about to get exciting.

What is Mending in Minecraft

Minecraft isn’t a very violent game, but war can break out anytime, or some hostile mobs attack your base. What would you do if your weapons were worn-out at that time? You would be left out and feel bad; of course, you don’t want that, so to avoid this situation, you will want to have your weapons ready at any time, and this is Mending comes up.

Mending is a type of enchantment in Minecraft that helps you increase the durability of your tools or weapons. You need this because the tools lose durability with every use, eventually breaking down.

How to get Mending Enchantment in Minecraft

Mending Enchantment isn’t what you can get, but some work will need to be done; here are the things you need to make your items more durable.

  1. A tool or weapon to increase durability
  2. Mending Enchantment book
  3. An Anvil

Chests and buried treasures are scattered across the Minecraft world, so investigate them, and hopefully, you can find some tools or weapons that are pre-enchanted with Mending but are rare or at least a mending enchantment book. There is no way for you to enchant your items with Mending on the Enchanting table, but you can only use an Anvil to do so. The Mending Enchantment books can also be traded with the librarian.

You can learn more about the Librarian in our guide how to get Silk Touch in Minecraft, in which we have thoroughly explained everything about it.

Scroll down if you have all the required items; else, follow this guide to get them all and learn more about Mending.

What is the use of Mending Enchantment in Minecraft

All the tools and weapons in Minecraft have a limited life span; after that, they won’t be of much use, so to keep using them, just like you did before, Mending Enchantment is needed.

There is another way to repair your tools or weapons, but that is costly, and after a few repairs, you will see a message “Too costly,” but with Mending, you only need a little XP to repair.

How much XP is required to repair my tools

Here is a table of items and the amount of XP you need to repair the tools.

Tools XP Required
Gold 16 points
Wood 28 points
Stone 66 points
Iron 125 points
Diamond 781
Netherite 1016 points


Did you know that when you kill a zombie, it gives you about sixteen durability points (XP)

How to check the Durability of my items in Minecraft

Here are the instructions to check the durability of your items in Minecraft

1. Press and hold the “F3” key and then press the “H” key to activate tooltips.

2. Press “E” and move the cursor to the item of which you want to check the durability.

Don’t worry if you can’t see the durability because it will show you when it is complete, so use it for some time and check again. You cannot use the mending enchantment with infinity enchantments, but it can be used with every other enchantment.


Q. What is the best item on which you can use the Mending Enchantment?

A Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe would be best for Mending Enchantment because you can mine anything with them.

Q. Is Unbreaking enchantment better than Mending enchantment?

All the tools with Mending enchantment are better than Unbreaking, but when it comes to Bows or crossbows, you may require infinity which doesn’t cope well with Mending.

Q. Does Mending last forever?

Yes, it can if you use it with care, as the weapon you have equipped with a Mending Enchantment gets automatically repaired when you kill mobs with it.


Among all the enchantments in Minecraft, we conclude that Mending Enchantment is the best you can have because it makes your items more durable and lasts for a longer time. Today we learned everything about Mending Enchantment and included a few links to make sure there is no confusion left for you.

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