Do I Really Need WordPress Hosting For My WordPress Site?

WordPress is one of the best content management systems across the world as it has one of the easiest ways to create and deploy websites. You can easily design your website using the drag and drop method with the help of templates and some plugins. Buying a domain is the first step you need to move towards creating a website, but you will also require hosting. Yes, you can go for any hosting plan for your website, depending upon your needs.

Since we are talking about managed WordPress hosting in this article, In my opinion, I don’t think that there is a need for managed WordPress hosting for your website with a low traffic count.

Let us learn more ahead:

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is just another managed hosting plan from the service provider focused on the WordPress platform only. It comes with some features that your website makes easier to manage, secure and optimize for best performance.

Shared hosting is the basic hosting plan available for WordPress websites and is unmanaged. Here, you need to install the applications and manage the site independently, which is not a hectic task either. But In managed WordPress hosting, you just have to connect your domain name, and the hosting application will do the rest. Here you don’t need to worry about the backups, security, etc.

Let us have more details on the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting:

Pros Of Managed WordPress hosting

In managed WordPress Hosting, the service provider manages everything such as updates, retrieval, and performance. Also, the service provider automatically configures your servers according to the website needs depending upon the plan. Not only this, but your provider can also help you in optimizing the website for your users.
Plenty of support options are also available to resolve any issue.

Cons Of Managed WordPress Hosting

All these easy-to-handle features come at a price. Managed WordPress hosting plans start from $10, which is way more expensive than the unmanaged entry-level hosting plans that start from $3. However, you can get the first month free from service providers but still don’t satisfy the conditions.

Also, managed WordPress hosting limits your freedom as most of the service providers ban certain plugins and themes that can cause security issues.

When Do I Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are certain circumstances that you need to know when to choose managed WordPress hosting.

If you have a simple blog that deals with some sensitive information of the users, you should surely go for managed WordPress hosting.

If you wish to develop sites on WordPress CMS only, managed WordPress hosting can be an ideal choice.

Websites that have low traffic and no deals in business need not opt for managed WordPress hosting. There will be a slight difference in the performance, but for low-traffic websites, it hardly matters.

It also depends upon the no. of sites you wish to host on the server. In unmanaged shared hosting, the domains are limited to 1-3, whereas in managed WordPress hosting, you can host more than 20 domains at a time, but all that comes at a price of approx $300 pm.

When managing WordPress hosting, make sure that it is truly managed as some service providers have modified versions of shared hosting and claim it as managed hosting. Some service providers for managed WordPress hosting are Kinsta, Wp-Engine, and Bluehost.

In Managed WordPress hosting, you pay for the specific resources up to a limit. This means that once your traffic crosses the scale, you will need to change the plan or be charged for the extra traffic. The charge, however, is quite low, starting from $1 per 1000 visitors.

Two Best WordPress Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

There are many authentic managed WordPress hosting providers in the market. After doing some research, I have found the two most reliable providers that have good user reviews.


Kinsta is the largest managed WordPress hosting provider across Europe. Their whole infrastructure is on Google cloud, making it more reliable. They offer high-end hosting plans with great customer support. The managed hosting plans start from $30 a month and go as high as $1400 pm. And you get two monthly subscriptions for free on subscribing to the plan for 12 months.

You can check out managed WordPress hosting plans from kinsta here.


WP-Engine is another platform for managed WordPress hosting that is trusted by mainstream brands from different sectors. It provides the best performance-based hosting with a clear focus on site speed, security, scalability, and all other aspects necessary for site optimization. You can check out their services here.


So to answer the question if you really need managed WordPress hosting or not? The answer is “it depends”. You can go for managed hosting if you don’t want to deal with setup and configuration at all. A few months back, I started my WordPress blog with shared hosting, and I haven’t faced any issues until now. But I won’t deny the fact that I can’t host multiple domains there, and there are no additional features. I would suggest you move with shared hosting as you would learn to know how things work, and it is not too difficult to manage things on shared hosting. Shared hosting plans to come with round-clock support. On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting plans ask for a huge chunk of money too.

I hope all your doubts regarding the same are clear now.


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