How to make a water breathing potion in Minecraft

There are different types of potions available in the Minecraft game that can be used to enhance your attributes and gaming experience as well. One of them is the water-breathing potion. There are lots of hidden treasures available underwater in the game that can help you to step up your game faster, but you can’t survive for long if you don’t have a breathing potion. So the detailed guideline to make one will be discussed in this article.

To make potions the first item you need is a brewing stand which is primarily used for brewing. Let’s discuss how to make brewing stand in Minecraft first:

Items required to make a brewing stand

To make a brewing stand you need 1 blaze rod which you can find by going into nether and 3 cobblestones to make this:

How to Get a Blaze Rod

There is only one way to get a blaze rod which is by killing a mob with the name of blaze. It throws multiple fireballs at you so it is highly recommended to equip yourself with the strongest armor and weapon otherwise you will be killed in an instant.

After killing them you should be able to get the blaze rod as shown below.

You need multiple blaze rods because the brewing stand needs a fuel called “blaze powder” which can also be made using it.

How to get Cobblestones

Cobblestones can be found in the mountains and caves and for mining them you need a wooden pickaxe or any other of higher level.

How to craft a brewing stand

Arrange the items; blaze rod and cobblestones on the crafting table as shown in the below-mentioned image:

Here is the brewing stand:

Now, let’s move towards the brewing process.

Items required for brewing

The first item that you need is a blaze powder that will act as fuel for the brewing stand. Next, you need water bottles filled with water, a nether wart, and a pufferfish.

How to make a blaze powder

You can make a blaze powder by placing 1 blaze rod on a crafting table:

How to Find a Nether Wart

As discussed above for a breathing potion, an awkward potion is required and for an awkward potion, we need nether warts. Nether wart is a red-colored plant that can only be found in the nether which you can get by cutting them.

The next step is finding the pufferfish.

How to find a pufferfish

Pufferfish is a key component of the brewing process of the breathing potion that you can get by fishing in the river.

You can also make a pufferfish pond so you can use them whenever you need them.

How to Make a Water Bottle

You need to place 3 pieces of glass on a crafting table that will give you 3 glass bottles. While you can make glass by smelting sand inside a furnace. This is an essential item as the potion will be stored inside these water bottles.

Now find any water source and click on it while equipping the empty bottle to fill it with water.

How to make a water breathing potion

First, we will make an awkward potion as discussed earlier; you need to place blaze powder, water bottle, and nether warts to make an awkward potion.

Now remove nether warts and place a pufferfish to make a water-breathing potion.

Now one water bottle will give you 3 extra minutes to breathe in water, and you can even enhance the time of the potion to 8 minutes by placing a redstone dust in the brewing stand along with the breathing potion.


You can enhance your attributes and gaming experience with various potions that are available in the Minecraft game and the water breathing potion is one of them. If you lack a breathing potion, you won’t be able to survive long underwater. You can find plenty of underwater treasures that can help you step up your game faster.

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