How to make a video call on Discord

Discord is a digital distribution platform used mostly by gamers to communicate over the internet. With the options of chatting and connecting in channels, this application also offers methods for personal communication. On Discord, friends can communicate directly using text or voice chat, and they can also join servers to interact with the extended Discord communities. At this point, you should be wondering, despite all of these commendable features, does Discord provide video call service? The answer is Yes! Discord also permits you to add the members of the custom server over a video call.

Why you should use Discord for video calls

Here is the list of some of the benefits of using Discord for making video calls to your friends, family, and teammates:

  • Discord ensures a stable connection by using private servers. As a result, you would hardly face interruptions during video calls.
  • This platform does not utilize your microphone on a video call when you are not talking. It eliminates any background noises from meetings.
  • The mobile application of Discord is also enhanced so that it plays its role in making the user experience of the video calls much better.

In the post, you will learn about how you can make video calls on Discord. So, let’s start!

How to set voice and video settings on Discord

Before moving towards video calling, you have to check your voice and video settings in Discord. For this, open up “User Settings” by clicking on the “Gear” icon, which is located at the bottom-left corner:

Now, select the “Voice & Video” in between all of the App settings categories. The “Voice & Video” settings will permit you to add your input and output device, set their volumes, mic test, select input mode:

If you have attached an external camera with your system, then you can select it from the drop-down menu of the “Camera” option:

After making sure that each voice and video setting is as per your requirement, switch back to the main window of Discord.

How to make a video call on Discord

Video calls are a simple method to remain in touch with your Discord friends, and you can do it right from “Direct Messages” or server voice channels, where you usually hang out. During a video call on Discord, you can video chat with your friend, share the screen with them, and video chat and share screen simultaneously.

If you want to make a video call with your friend on Discord, open up that specific person’s “Direct Messages” window. After doing so, click on the “Camera” button, present at the menu bar:

Discord will take few seconds to authenticate and establish a video call between you and your friend:

Now, click on the on-screen “video” icon to enable video interaction on Discord call:

Discord also permits you to share your screen with your friend on a video call. You can also maximize, minimize, set mic and audio volume for the video.

To end the out-going Discord video call, click on the “Disconnect” button as highlighted below:

How to make a video call with Discord server member

This section will demonstrate how you can make a video call with any member of your custom Discord server. So, first of all, you have to select the Discord member with whom you want to place a video call:

Now, click on the selected Discord member, and from its context menu, hit the “Call” button:

After few seconds, you will be all set to communicate with your friend on a Discord video call:

To terminate the video call on Discord, click on the “Disconnect” button shown in the below-given image:


Discord is a great platform to communicate with like-minded people. However, sometimes users want to go a further step from text messaging; that’s where video calling is brought into the scene. In Discord, video calling permits you to bridge that distance to stay connected to anyone, any time and any place. We shared how to make video calls on Discord in this post. Moreover, the method for video calling a Discord server member is also provided to you.

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