How to Make and Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft

Getting to know the whole Minecraft world is nearly impossible as it comes with tons of different biomes and each comes with some distinct features. So in order to progress in your gaming journey, you need to continue exploring these different biomes.

While doing that it is very important to keep track of your journey otherwise you can easily get lost. This is where maps will come to the rescue, whereas a cartography table can be used to increase the size of these maps or make a duplicate, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Materials required to Make a Cartography Table

You need to place 2 papers and 4 wooden planks of any kind to make a cartography table:

Now in the next section, we will show you how you can make these items.

How to make a paper in Minecraft

The first item that you need to make a paper is sugarcane that can be easily found from the seashores. You can gather just by punching or using a tool like an axe.

Now placing 3 pieces of sugarcane will give you 3 pieces of paper.

Wooden Planks

For making wooden planks, it is essential to have this item, which is readily available in abundance in Minecraft. If you don’t have the axe, you can punch them, otherwise, an axe is recommended.

Cutting trees will give you the wooden log that depends on the type of tree that you are cutting like in our case we will get the birch logs. Now one wooden log will give you 4 wooden planks that will be sufficient to make this item.

How to Make a Cartography Table

As mentioned earlier, you will need 4 wooden planks and 2 pieces of paper to make this table by arranging it in the same order as mentioned below.

You can see this block’s physical appearance by placing it on the ground.

Now click on it to open its main menu.

How to Increase the Size of the Map

You can increase the size of the map by using this block. So if you don’t have an empty map before then you can make one by placing 8 papers and 1 compass on a crafting table.

Now you can open a map by holding it and looking towards the ground.

Now place this map and a piece of paper on the cartography table to increase the size of the map.

Now when you hold and use it then you will see a major difference as the map you can see before is now shrinking towards one side to make some extra space.

This empty space starts to fill when you travel around it.

How to Make a Duplicate Map

You can also make a duplicate map by placing your current map and an empty map on the cartography table.


Exploring the Minecraft world completely is next to impossible as it is very huge. The map is an essential item to keep track of your journey and to save you from getting lost. Where a cartography table can be used to increase the size of the map or make a duplicate. It can naturally be found in the village biome but if you are not able to find one, then we have also discussed its crafting recipe in this article as well.

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