How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Torches are one of the best items when it comes to brighten up your surroundings. This is necessary as it can be used to repel all the mobs such as creepers that appear at night and it will help you in mining in dark areas as well.

Required Materials to Make a Torch

There are two main items that are needed to make a torch in a Minecraft game, the first item that you will need is the stick and the second item is the charcoal.

How to Make a Torch

You can make 4 torches by utilizing the above two items: the stick and the charcoal, and then placing them in the exact same sequence on the crafting table as shown in the image below.

In the next section we will show you how you can craft these two items that are needed to make a torch.

Required Material to Make Sticks

You will need only one item to make sticks and that is the wooden planks and placing 2 sticks on the crafting table will give you 4 wooden planks.

How to Make Sticks

If you are interested in only finding the recipe for making sticks, then you can make 4 of these by placing 2 planks on the crafting table in the exact same sequence as shown in the image below:

How to Make Planks

Planks are the most essential items that are needed to make sticks, and this is not possible without it. So, for making sticks you need to find a tree and there is a variety of them. You need to chop any tree that can be oak, birch, acacia, or spruce, chopping trees will give you the respective wooden log. For example, if you chop the oak tree, you will get the oak log that you can find on the ground as shown in the image below.

Chopping with hands is a time-consuming task whereas an axe can not only reduce the chopping time, but you can use it to chop other items as well, so it is more recommended. The recipe for making oak planks is mentioned in the image below that requires you to place one wooden log on the crafting table.

How to Make a Charcoal

Making a charcoal requires only two items, the first is the wooden log and second one is the furnace as shown in the table below. In the previous section we have already explained how you can get the wooden log so we are only going to discuss the furnace here and later we will guide you how you can make charcoal using these two items.

Making a Furnace: The next item that you need is a furnace in which you need to place these wooden logs and a fuel source and in return, this will give you charcoal. Making it requires you to collect 8 cobblestones first and then place them in the sequence shown below.

Getting cobblestones is another mystery that requires at least a pickaxe as it can’t be mined using your bare hands like you did with chopping trees before.

Making a Wooden Pickaxe: So, let’s start making one of the basic pickaxes which is the wooden pickaxe for simplicity. Here you will need 3 wooden planks that you need to place in the first row and 2 sticks that you need to place in the bottom two slots of the center column as shown. You already chop some wooden logs in the previous section so 1 wooden log will give you 4 wooden planks and 2 wooden planks will give you 4 sticks that you can utilize to make this recipe.

Making a Charcoal

Now when you access the furnace you will notice two different slots on the left side on the top slot you need to place the wooden log that will be smelted. In the bottom slot you need to place any fuel and here you can place any spare wooden log that you have or planks.


Torches are used to illuminate the dark area that can protect you against the creepers that usually spawn at night. Other than that, you can use it to brighten your pathway so you can see what is ahead of you and you don’t miss any important item.

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