How to make a Terracotta in Minecraft

Terracotta is one of the building blocks in Minecraft to make any structures that you like. It has a brown color by default, but you can make it more fancier and more stylish by applying different colors of dye and patterns on it which we will discuss in this article.

Materials Required to Make a Terracotta

You need 1 clay block, 1 furnace and any fuel source that will be used inside a furnace to make a terracotta block.

How to Get Clay

Clay is a light gray block that can be found mostly around the water on the seashore and mining them using an axe will give you a clay ball.

Placing 4 clay balls on the crafting table will give you 1 block of clay.

Now you need to place these clay blocks inside a furnace to make a terracotta but if you don’t have one then we are going to discuss its recipe in the next part.

How to Make a Furnace

For making a furnace you need to first collect 8 cobblestones by mining a normal stone that is available in almost every biome. You can find these stones around the mountains, in the caves and underground surface by digging.

How to Make a Terracotta

Place the furnace on the ground and put some blocks of clay along with fuel inside it to make terracotta. The wooden log is the fuel that can easily be found by chopping trees.

How to Make a Colored Terracotta

There are 16 different colors of dye available in the Minecraft game and you can use any of those to apply that color on the terracotta. For example, if you want to make a red-colored terracotta then you can do that by placing 8 normal terracotta and 1 red-colored dye.

How to Make Glazed Terracotta

This is the type of terracotta with a specific pattern on it that you can make by placing it on the furnace again.

When you place it on the ground or on the walls it will look something like this as shown below.

The pattern you can see in the above image will be displayed when you apply the red color with it and there are lots of different patterns available depending on the dye color that you want to apply.

List of all different terracottas that you can make in Minecraft are mentioned in the table below:


Terracotta is a building in the Minecraft game that may be used as a construction block to create any structures you choose. It comes in a brown colour by default, but you may make it prettier and more fashionable by dyeing it using the available colours discussed in this article.

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