How to make a Strength Potion in Minecraft

There are many different potions available in the Minecraft game that can help you conquer different tasks and give you some specific advantages as well while fighting against mobs. One of them is the strength potion and as the name suggests, this potion will increase your power so that you can kill different mobs quickly while saving your health.

This article comprises two main parts. The first one is to make a brewing stand which you need to make any potion. The second part is for the materials that are required to make this a strength potion.

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Materials Required to Make a Brewing Stand

There are two main items that you can use to make a brewing stand which are the blaze rod and the cobblestones.

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You should gather as many blaze rods as you can as this item is also required to make a blaze powder that we will discuss later. Next, we are going to discuss how you can get these items.

How to Make a Blaze Rod

Blaze rode can only be available from the nether world, and you can get it by killing a mob with the name blaze. Accessing a nether world is somewhat tricky and complicated as you can’t access it normally just like other biomes in the game. So, you can access this world by making a nether portal first and those details are mentioned in this article.

Now, the next step is to find the blaze mob and you need to roam around and explore different parts of the nether to find it. Make sure to always equip yourself with some of the best weapons as you will face many different mobs while doing this. Killing this mob will likely drop the blaze rod that is the first item required to make a brewing stand. Kill as many blaze mobs as you can because you need a blaze rod to make blaze powder as well that we are going to discuss later.

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Next, we need cobblestones, which is the second essential item required to make the potion.

How to get cobblestones

You can find cobblestones in almost every other biome near rivers, caves, and mountains. You can’t mine them barehanded, so you need to equip yourself at least with a wooden pickaxe although there are better pickaxes also available in the game. If you’re not familiar with the cobblestones, then look at the gray part in the below image to get a better idea.

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Note: Making a wooden pickaxe required 3 wooden planks and 2 wooden sticks.

How to Make a Brewing Table

As per our earlier discussion, place 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestones in the mentioned order on a crafting table to make a brewing stand.

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Materials required to make a Strength Potion

You need a nether wart, blaze rod, and water bottle to make a strength potion and in the next section, we are going to discuss how you can get these items.

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How to Make Blaze Powder

You can make this item by placing a blazing rod on a crafting table that will give you 2 Blaze powder.

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How to Get Nether Wart

For the nether wart, you need to go to the nether once again as they are only available there. It is a plant that you need to find and then cut to get some nether wart.

This is the nether wart you will need to brew your strength potion

Cutting them will give you multiple nether warts and you can store as much as you like.

How to Make a Water Bottle

You need to place 3 pieces of glass on a crafting table that will give you 3 glass bottles. While you can make glass by smelting sand inside a furnace.

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Now find any water source and click on it while equipping the empty bottle to fill it with water.

How to make a strength potion

The first step while making this is to make an awkward potion and for that, you need to place the blaze powder on the top left side that will act as a power source, and in the top center, slot place a nether wart while in the bottom place a water bottle.

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Now you are ready to make a strength potion by placing a blaze powder where you have first placed the nether wart.

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As you can see from the above image you will get +3 attack damage for 3 minutes and if you want to increase the duration then after making it, you need to place the redstone dust in place of blaze powder in the top center.

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Strength potion in Minecraft is used to increase attack damage that can help you for a long run while fighting with different mobs. With this potion, you can survive for a long time as now you can kill the mobs a lot sooner than before. Making it requires certain steps that are needed to be performed which we have discussed in detail in this article.

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