How to Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stonecutter is such an object in Minecraft, with the help of which players can solve many objectives. Usually, stonecutters are found inside the villages. Inside the homes, players can easily find stonecutters which are spawned in Mason’s house. There are a lot of uses of a stonecutter in Minecraft, and they are:

  • You can craft small stones from large quantities of stones.
  • Using a stonecutter in Minecraft is advantageous because it allows the player to skip stages that can’t be skipped with a crafting table.
  • Stonecutters are used instead of crafting tables.
  • The player can use stonecutter to create bricks, stone walls, stone stairs bricks, stone slabs, etc.

This article will focus on what materials are needed to make a stonecutter and the complete process to make a stonecutter in Minecraft.

You need different items to craft a stonecutter easily, and those items are:

Name Crafting Table Iron Ingot Stones
Quantity 1 1 3

First, let’s mine and find iron ores and place them into a furnace to extract the iron ingots.

While mining for iron ores, you can also get the stones for your stonecutter.

Now, in a 3×3 crafting grid, put the stones and an iron ingot in exactly the correct pattern. For this, we have to place an iron ingot in the middle box of the first row. On the other hand, three stones have to be kept in all three boxes of the second row.

In this way, fill all the items correctly in the crafting area. Once the stonecutter is made, you can move it and include it in the inventory list or place.

It is easy to use a stonecutter in Minecraft. You just have to place a stone in it, and you can cut the stone according to your needs.

In a Nutshell

In this article, we saw how to use stonecutters in Minecraft and what ingredients are needed to make them. After getting all this information, we have highlighted this article on making a stonecutter in Minecraft. We hope you also learned how to make a stonecutter after reading this article.

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