How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world glass blocks are transparent and used as a decoration material. When you are making houses, you can use glass panes to make windows or you can have a full house made up of glass. Glass adds to the beauty of buildings. In the Minecraft world along with transparent glass you can also craft stained glass with a hue of different colours.

Stained Glass

You can use a transparent glass but it looks ordinary but if you replace it with some stained/ dyed glass it looks more attractive. You can use stained glass to make houses and castles. You can make the stained glass in different colours like purple, yellow, red, orange and more. You can craft stained glass by yourself by following this guide.

Material Required to Craft Stained Glass

  • 8x Glass
  • 1x Dye (Any Color)

To craft the stained glass first you need glass. You can find glass in ancient cities or in woodland mansions. You can also trade with villagers for the glass.

In the Minecraft world if you want to colour something you can use a dye. There are different dyes available which you can get from different sources. In the Minecraft world you can get black, white, blue, brown, green, red, purple and more.

How to make Stained Glass

Once you get glass blocks and dye of your choice you can make stained glass by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Place 8x glass blocks in the crafting grid leaving the 2×2 box empty:

Step 2: Place the dye in the crafting grid at position 2×2:

Step 3: As you have used purple dye so you will get purple stained glass.

Step 4: You can put cyan dye at 2×2 position of the crafting grid to get Cyan Stained Glass:

Step 5: You can put red dye at 2×2 position of the crafting grid to get Red Stained Glass:

Step 6: You can put yellow dye at 2×2 position of the crafting grid to get Yellow Stained Glass:

You can use the stained glass to build walls or houses and more.


Minecraft offers you many options to make your houses or other items look more beautiful by using dyes which are available in different colours. You can use different dyes to make your items look interesting and eye-catching. In the same way you can craft stained glass of different colours to make different colourful things by using them.

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