How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

The smoker is a modified version of a furnace in which you can cook food easier and faster than the furnace. A smoker is an essential item when it comes to cooking food with lesser fuel and quickly. Hence, it is good to have a smoker in your home while playing survival mode in Minecraft. So in this article, we will explain everything and the process to make a smoker easily.

Smoker requires multiple items. Here is the name and the quantity of all those items:

Name Crafting Table Logs Furnace
Quantity 1 4 1

In order to make a smoker, we need a crafting table and a furnace essentially. A crafting table requires four wooden blocks, which you need to place in 2 X 2 crafting. A furnace requires eight cobblestones which you need to place in a 3 X 3 crafting table:

Once you create a furnace and a crafting table, it is time to make a smoker. So, you need wooden oaks and you will get by cutting trees:

To make a smoker, keep the furnace block made recently in the middle of the crafting table. After keeping the furnace, four wooden logs are kept around in the shape of a diamond. As a result, we’ll have a smoker.

Now, we can make our desired food anytime by taking our made smoker in the inventory.

If you want to use a smoker in Minecraft, then don’t worry; it is easy. You have to put fuel and the food in it to get the cooked food:

In a Nutshell

It is not so difficult to make a smoker in Minecraft. We can make it easy with the help of all the materials. It saves time by cooking food twice as fast as compared to a furnace. Some such materials are needed to make smokers and are not readily available in inventory. In this article, we have also shown how to make those same materials. We have created a complete explanation from our side on how to make a smoker in Minecraft. Apart from this, please tell us freely if you want to get some more information.

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