How to Make a Sea Lantern in Minecraft- Step-By-Step Guide

A while ago, with the aquatic update in Minecraft, a lot of blocks have been added in Minecraft. One such block is known as the Sea Lantern. It is exclusively found in underwater ruins and ocean monuments. It serves as a light block in Minecraft and a great source to light up any area, especially underwater. Players often used it as a decorative block in their builds.

This article will focus on crafting a Sea Lantern in the Minecraft game.

How to Make a Sea Lantern in Minecraft?

There are two basic methods to get a Sea Lantern in Minecraft:

1: Mining Sea Lanterns

Sea lanterns are found naturally generated inside ocean monuments or sometimes in underwater ruins. To get these, simply dive into the water, enter these structures, and mine these beautiful Sea Lanterns, using a Silk Touch enchanted Pickaxe.

One thing you need to make sure that, during this quest, you are using something to take a breath underwater like a potion of water breathing or conduit.

Another thing is that the elder guardian, the hostile mob and protector of the ocean monument also applies a mining fatigue effect on players to almost stop them from mining this structure. Just take a milk bucket to remove any given effect (including the positive ones) and also defeat this elder guardian to stop getting the same effect again and again.

Also don’t, break Sea Lanterns with a pickaxe without Silk Touch enchantment. This is because it will drip some prismarine crystals instead of the Sea Lantern itself.

2: Crafting Sea Lanterns

Minecraft Players can also craft Sea Lanterns in Minecraft using prismarine shards and crystals on a crafting table. To get these crystals and shards, players can easily kill the guardian mob, found only in the ocean monument in Minecraft.

Once you got them place 5 prismarine crystals in plus shape on a crafting table and 4 prismarine shards in the corner slots to make a Sea Lantern in Minecraft as shown:

This is the way players can craft Sea Lanterns in Minecraft.

Uses of Sea Lantern in Minecraft

Sea Lantern is a beautiful decorative block in Minecraft, with a light emission level of 15, making it viable for the best sources of lighting in the game.

It is also used to activate the conduit, by making a ring around it. The conduit helps the players to breathe and provides better visibility in a certain radius from its source block.


Do Sea Lanterns Emit Light?
Sea lanterns emit light with a light level of 15.

Are Sea Lanterns Rare in Minecraft?
Sea lanterns are quite rare as only found either in ocean monuments or underwater ruins.

Do Sea Lanterns Melt Ice?
Yes, they do have enough luminosity that they melt ice in Minecraft.


Sea Lantern is a wonderful and useful block in Minecraft. It is a light-emitting block, with a light level of 15. Sea Lanterns can be found naturally inside underwater ruins and ocean monuments. Players can get the Sea Lantern by mining using a silk touch pickaxe or by crafting it using 4 prismarine shards and 5 prismarine crystals. It is used as a light source, and decoration as well as to activate conduit in Minecraft. Overall, Sea Lantern is a well-balanced block in Minecraft.

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