How to make a Redstone lamp in Minecraft

Various light sources are included in the Minecraft game to help you pave your way whether excavating or traveling at night. These light sources will help you improve your game as you’ll be able to see and grasp what’s ahead of you.

Aside from that, there are certain mobs in the game that only emerge at night if the light level is 7 or below, and you won’t be able to kill them if you can’t see them well. So you need a better light source with more illumination than that to prevent them from reaching you. One of those light sources is the redstone lamp that has one of the peak brightness levels of 15 available in the game and we will guide you on how you can make and use this light source in this article.

Materials required to make a Redstone Lamp

You can make this lamp by placing 4 pieces of redstone dust and 1 glowstone on a crafting table.

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Getting Glowstone

You can find glow stone on a nether and for that, you need to build a nether portal. It can be made using obsidian blocks which are black-colored blocks. You can get this block by combining water and lava together as displayed in the image below.

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Now you need another item which is “flint and steel” that will be used to activate the portal. You can make this item by placing 1 iron ingot along with flint on a crafting table.

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Now place 3 blocks of obsidian vertically and 2 blocks horizontally to and fill the corners with any block as you like.

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After that, you need to approach the portal, equip yourself with the flint and steel, and just click on any of the obsidian blocks to activate it.

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Now jump towards the blue colored light that will send you directly to the nether. After that, you need to find the blocks of glow stone dust that are mainly attached to the ceilings.

Now place 4 items of glow stone dust in a crafting table to make 1 glow stone.

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Getting Redstone Dust

Finding Redstone dust is not a difficult task, all you need is to mine the rocky mountain and you can find them after mining 6 to 12 blocks underground.

Making a Redstone Lamp

After gathering all the required items, you need to place 4 redstone dust and 1 glowstone in a crafting table.

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Now you can place it on the ground to see its physical appearance as shown below.

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How to Activate the Redstone Lamp

One of the basic ways to activate it is by using a redstone lever by placing it behind. After clicking on the level, you can clearly see that the lamp is now glowing.

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The difference would be more visible when you activate it at night time.

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You can also activate it by placing a redstone block:

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Or a torch right next to it:

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Redstone lamp is one of the blocks available in the game with the highest brightness level of 15 compared to others but it can only be lit up using a redstone source. It is a necessary item for your safety as some of the most powerful mobs spawn at night if they found the light level of 7 or below. So, you will be able to keep them at distance by having a light source in hand.

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