How to Make Red Dye in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is beautiful, but you can beautify it even more by customizing the colors of different items and using all seven colors of the rainbow. In this guide, we will learn how to make Red Dye in Minecraft, its uses, and what else can be crafted using it. We will use screenshots to make it easier for you to recognize the place to find the required materials to make the red dye.

How to make Red Dye in Minecraft

There are multiple methods to get red dye; we will explain everything in detail.

Method 1: Crafting Red Dye Using Poppy Flower

Poppy is a naturally spawned flower in Minecraft known as the red flower, and you can find it in plains, forests, and dark forest biomes easily.

Placing this flower anywhere on the crafting table will give you a red dye as shown below:

Method 2: Crafting the Red Dye Using Red Tulip Flower

The red dye can easily be crafted using the red tulip.

You need to follow the same procedure which we did with the Poppy flower.

Method 3: Crafting the Red Dye Using Beetroot

One of the easiest ways to get the beetroot is from the village and for more details regarding this you can read this article.

And once found, you can easily craft it to the Red Dye.

Method 4: Crafting Red Dye Using Rose Bush

The rose bush is found in forest biomes, and you will have to look around for forest biomes.

Once you have found it, we will look for the rose bush that looks like this.

The rose bush, when destroyed, will give you a rose bush that you can use to craft two red dyes.

Method 5: Trading from Wandering Trader

While in the village, you may encounter a wandering trader who looks like this.

And you can get red dye by giving him emeralds.

Now that you have the red dye, we will explain its uses and what you can craft using it.

Uses of Red Dye in Minecraft

Red dye can be used in the following ways:

Red Wool

You can use the red dye on the sheep to change its skin color from white to red.

You can also get the white wool from the sheep using a shear and then use the red dye to change the color of the wool to red as well.

Red Pet Collar

The default color for your pet’s collar is red, but if you have painted it another color, you can always change it back to red. You can easily tame cats by following how to tame cats in Minecraft.

Red Bed

You can use it to change the color of your beds to make them look beautiful and not sure about you, but my cat likes it. You can craft beds by following how to make beds in Minecraft.

Red Concrete Powder

You can add red dye to make red-colored concrete powder and learn to make concrete powder in Minecraft.

Red Terracotta

You can craft red terracotta using the red dye and learn to make terracotta in our guide.

And you can use it to color mobs and some materials to beautify your world of Minecraft.


In this detailed guide, we’ve learned about red dye, the process of crafting it, and where to gather the required items to craft it. We also went through the uses of red dye and the things you can craft with the red dye in Minecraft.

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