How to Make Purple Dye in Minecraft

For the beautification, you need more colors in real life and Minecraft world, but the crafting method is different in both worlds. Today we will make purple dye in Minecraft and see all the items required and where to get them. We will also discuss the uses of purple dye in Minecraft; everything will be explained in simple words and images.

How to Make Purple Dye in Minecraft

Purple is formed when you combine blue and red dyes so we will need both of them, but you can also get it by trading with a wandering trader.

We will now explain everything in detail:

Crafting Purple Dye

You can craft purple dye using blue and red dyes, as shown in the picture below:

Trading with the Wandering Trader

Wandering traders are usually found in villages; you can easily recognize them from the picture below:

And you will find the purple dye with a bit of luck, as there are six random items you can trade using the emeralds, and seeing emeralds, scroll down, and you will know.

Where to Find Emeralds in Minecraft

Emerald ore is only found in mountain biomes and you can mine them using iron pickaxe or a better one. You can follow our guide to make an iron pickaxe in Minecraft.

Once it is mined, we will now need to smelt it in the blast furnace, and you will need emerald ore and charcoal.

It will take a little time and but it will be done eventually

You can follow our guides on How to use blast furnace in Minecraft and How to make charcoal in Minecraft.

Hopefully, you have learned how to make purple dye in Minecraft, and now we will see the uses of purple dye in Minecraft.

Uses of Purple Dye in Minecraft

You can use the purple dye in the following ways:

Making Purple wool

You can use purple dye to get purple wool by applying it to the sheep.

Making Purple Pets Collars

You can turn the collars of your tamed pets using the purple dye

Making Purple Beds

You can color your beds with purple dye and follow our “guide to make beds”.

Making Purple Concrete Powder

You can add purple dye to make purple-colored concrete powder and follow our guide to “make concrete powder in Minecraft”.

Making Purple Terracotta

You can craft purple terracotta using the purple dye and learn “how to make terracotta in our guide”.

Now we will craft the purple terracotta.


This guide taught us how to make purple dye, the required materials, and where to find them. We also went through the uses of purple dye and how to craft the materials on which the purple dye could be used. We have many similar guides on “how to Minecraft” with the most straightforward explanation and pictures, just like in this guide.

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