How to Make a Public Discord Server on Desktop

Discord is the most popular social media platform used for connecting with other people like other social interaction forums. People prefer Discord for many reasons, and the advanced feature of creating a public server for any purpose is one of them. Everyone can join public servers to interact with each other for business purposes, talk about their interest, or live streaming.

This blog will talk about the process of making a public Discord server on a desktop application.

How to Make a Public Discord Server on Desktop?

Discord permits its users to create public servers. Follow the below instructions for this specified purpose.

Step 1: Launch Discord
Using the “Startup” menu, search for “Discord” on your system and open it:

Step 2: Create a Discord Server
Click on the plus “+” icon to “Add a Server” from the left-most side tab of Discord:    

From the appeared window, hit the “Create My Own” option:

Step 3: Select Server Type
Select the “For me and my friends” option as your server type:

Type the server name in the “SERVER NAME” field and click on the “Create” button. In our case, we have specified the “Public server” as our server name:

Step 4: Open Server Settings
Now, hit the below-highlighted icon next to the name of the newly created server:

Go to the settings of the server by clicking on the “Server Settings” option from the appeared drop-down menu:

Step 5: Open Community Settings
Select “Enable Community” from the “COMMUNITY” categories and then click on the “Get Started” button:

Step 6: Set Up Community Server
Mark the required checkboxes, and click on the “Next” button to move ahead:

For basic server settings, select the “#general” channel for both “RULES OR GUIDELINES CHANNEL” and “COMMUNITY UPDATES CHANNEL” options and hit the “Next” button:

Again mark the “Default notifications to Mentions Only”, “Remove moderation permissions from @everyone”, and “I agree and understand” checkboxes. Lastly, click on the “Finish Setup” button:

Our newly created server is successfully set as a community server:

We have briefly described the method of making a public Discord server on a desktop application.


To make a public Discord server on the desktop application, first, create a new server by clicking on the plus “+” icon from the left side tab. After that, go to the “Server Settings” and enable the community option under the “Enable Community” tab. Then, hit the “Get Started” button, proceed to the next required steps, and complete the configuration. This blog demonstrated making a public Discord server on a desktop application.

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