How to Make a Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft

Potion of swiftness is used to increase the player speed up to 20 percent in the Minecraft game. This is highly useful if you want to travel a longer distance in less time or if you are stuck with mobs and don’t have enough resources to face them. With the potion of swiftness, you can escape and run away as well.

Required Materials to Make a Potion of Swiftness

The list of items that are needed to make this potion is mentioned in the table below along with their quantity.

How to Make a Sugar

The two items that are required to make sugar are the sugar cane and the honey bottle. Sugar cane can easily be found in the plain biomes or close to the seashores and you can chop them easily using your hands.

Now place 1 piece of sugarcane on the crafting table that will give you 1 piece of sugar.

You can also make the sugar using the honey bottle for which you need to make the empty bottle first. You can make a bottle by collecting sand first and then placing it inside a furnace along with fuel that will give you a glass block in return.

Now you need 3 blocks of glasses which you need to place in the crafting table in the exact same way that is shown in the image below.

After making a glass bottle you need to find the bee nest that is mostly available in the plains and the flower biomes, and the honey is dripping from it.

Initially, the glass bottle that you have made will be empty but you can fill it with honey by going closer to the bee nest and right-click on it while equipping the bottle.

How to Make a Blaze Powder

There is a mob with the name of the blaze that you need to kill that can only be found in the nether world. Killing this mob will give you a blaze rod that you need to place on the crafting table to get 2 pieces of blaze powder.

How to Get the Nether Wart

You can find a nether wart in the nether biome by going into the nether fortress or bastion remnants. You can mine these wart blocks using any tool that you have or even by hand.

How to Make a Potion of Swiftness

After gathering all the required items, you need to place 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestones in the exact same way that is mentioned in the image below to make a brewing stand as you can’t make this recipe without it.

Now in the top left slot of the brewing stand place the blaze powder, in the middle slot place the nether wart, and at the bottom slot place the glass bottle. This is the first stage of this process that will give the base potion also known as the awkward potion.

In the second stage, you need to place the sugar in the top middle slot where you have placed the nether wart earlier which will convert this awkward potion to the potion of swiftness that will increase the speed up to 20 percent for up to 3 minutes.

You can further enhance its duration by up to 8 minutes by placing the Redstone dust where you have placed the sugar earlier.


Potion of swiftness is one of several potions available in the Minecraft game that can boost the player’s speed by up to 20%. This makes it super useful if you want to travel a long distance in less time and you will also be able to escape from the attack of mobs more easily. There are two levels of potion; the first one can be applied for 3 minutes while the other one can be used for 8 minutes.

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