How to Make a Pickaxe in Minecraft

A pickaxe is a tool that you can use primarily for mining purposes in Minecraft. There are a variety of ores available in the game that you can use to craft some valuable items and for mining them you need a pickaxe as you can’t do that using your hands only. There are a total of 6 different pickaxes available in the Minecraft game but here we are going to discuss the two of the best pickaxes in the game which are the wooden and stone pickaxes.

How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe

You can make a wooden pickaxe by placing 3 wooden planks and 2 sticks on the crafting table. For making wooden planks you need to find any tree and then chop it either by using your hands or a pickaxe that will give you a wooden log and you will get 4 wooden planks by placing 1 wooden log on the crafting table.

The second item that is needed for this recipe is the sticks that you can make by placing 2 of these planks on the crafting table again and that will give you 4 sticks.

Now place the 3 wooden planks and 2 sticks in the exact same order that is mentioned in the image below to make a wooden pickaxe.

How to Make a Stone Pickaxe

The first item that you need to make a stone pickaxe is the cobblestones and you need 3 of them. You can collect these stones by mining with any pickaxe and you can use a wooden pickaxe as well as we have discussed above.

The recipe for the sticks will remain the same that we have discussed in the previous section. Now place 3 cobblestones and 2 sticks on the crafting in the exact same way that we have mentioned in the image below to make a stone pickaxe.


Durability describes how long an item can withstand damage. The durability of both pickaxes is different. The durability of a wooden pickaxe is 60 whereas the durability of a Stone pickaxe is 132 which means that you can mine 60 blocks with a wooden pickaxe and 132 blocks with a stone pickaxe without their breaking.

Damage Per Second (DPS)

This describes how quickly these axes break the blocks, so the DPS of a wooden pickaxe is 2.4 whereas the DPS of Stone pickaxe is 3.6 which means that the stone pickaxe will break more in less time compared to the wooden pickaxe.

Also, some blocks have more toughness compared to others and they consume more time to break. For example, a block of the diamond will take around 12.5 seconds if we use the wooden pickaxe but it will take 6.25 seconds for the stone pickaxe to break it.

Attack Damage

It is not recommended to use these pickaxes as a weapon because they are not designed for it but still, they are better than fighting with a fist if you are in a difficult situation and don’t have any other weapon. The wooden pickaxe has an attack damage of 2 while the stone pickaxe has an attack damage of 3 and they will lose durability points as well.


Pickaxes are used to mine some valuable ores in the Minecraft game such as redstone, diamond, or netherite ore. These ores can’t be mined without a pickaxe and you can use them to upgrade your weapons or armor or craft other valuable items in the game.

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