How to Make a Minecraft Server

The Minecraft server is a piece of software that is used to control the multiplayer mode of Minecraft. Only a few games allow you to make and host your own game. Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Counter-Strike are some of them.

Servers can be set up to host game sessions among friends or there are some dedicated servers. Dedicated servers mostly include servers for specific groups like families, kids, etc. Establishing a dedicated server needs a lot of time and investment, and people behind building dedicated servers put a lot of effort to maintain it.

Most of the servers are set up for multiplayer Minecraft gaming with friends. Anyone can make a Minecraft server and host a gaming session, but it is a bit technical. Hosting your own server gives you some freedom to modify the gaming experience, such as the spawning of hostile elements, NPCs, difficulty level, and some other parameters. Moreover, servers give you control over who plays the game.

This guide covers the step-by-step process of setting up a Minecraft server. The processes of making a server for the Java edition on Windows and Mac are different, and these instructions cover making servers for both Windows and macOS.

How to make a Minecraft server in macOS

Let’s make a server for macOS.

Step 1:

First, you need Java on your device. Open the terminal and type the following command:

$java -version

If the output tells you the version number, that means java is already installed. Otherwise, download it from here.

Step 2:

Next, download the server from here:

Download Server

Step 3:

Create a folder and give it a name. I am naming it “Minecraft Server“, and then place the server file in it.

Step 4:

Ensure the file name is “server.jar”. Next, double-click the “server.jar” file, and it will ask for the security permissions:

Allow it from “Security & Privacy”:

You will download a few more files after double-clicking it:

Step 5:

Now, open “eula.txt” file in text edit and modify it as shown in the image below:

After making “eula=true”, close the file, and save it.

Step 6:

Open the terminal and type to give a command to run the server. Make sure you are in the same directory where the “server.jar” file is located.

$java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui

If you want to run a server with GUI, then simply omit “nogui” from the above command. That’s it! The server is running.

Now, launch the game by clicking on the “Multiplayer” option:

Click on the “Add Server” option:

Assign the desired name to your server and type the server address as “localhost”:

To find the IP of your computer, go to “System Preferences” and click on “Network”:

Note the IP address:

To play with other players on the same network, stop the server by typing “stop” in the terminal. Open “server properties”, find “server-ip=”, and type your IP address here as shown in the following image:

If anyone would join your server, they need the IP address of your server.

How to make a Minecraft server in Windows

The process of making a Minecraft server in Windows is quite similar:

Step 1:

Check if Java is installed or not by using the command provided below in the command prompt:

$java -version

If it is not there, download and install it from here.

Step 2:

Download the server from the Minecraft website.

Step 3:

Create a folder and place the downloaded server (server.jar) file in it.

Step 4:

Double-click the “server.jar” file, and allow if the firewall asks for the permissions:

Step 5:

Edit the “eula.txt” file:

Step 6:

Open a terminal, and run the following command to start the server.

$java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui

Ensure that you are in the folder where the “server.jar” file is placed. In this example, the directory is C:\Users\shahr\Desktop\MinecraftServer.

Now, open Minecraft and click on the “Multiplayer” option. Then click “Add Server“, and enter your IP address or “localhost” to start your server:

Another important file that the server generates is “server options“. Open it in any text editor. This file comes with many options to control and configure local multiplayer games as shown in the image below:


Minecraft in single-player mode is fun to play whether it is in survival mode or creative mode. However, playing it with friends magnifies the fun and amusement of the game. Setting up a Minecraft server is a bit technical but not as complicated as it appears. This write-up covered a complete procedure on how to set up a server in Windows and macOS. Having your own server gives you a lot of configuration settings and control over your multiplayer game. You can enable and disable various elements of your game, such as the number of players, difficulty, spawning, and game mode. If you want to expand your server and are interested to add players from all over the world, then you need to do port mapping. However, it comes with some security risks.

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