How to Make a Lodestone Compass in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world game featuring some of the largest maps of any sandbox game currently available. Your job is to explore the maps, gather resources, and make equipment that will help you survive. However, this is not as simple as it seems because these things are widely distributed over several biomes, and obtaining them requires a significant amount of time and effort.

If you intend on doing all of these things on your own and attempting to figure it out, you run the risk of being lost and not being able to find a way back. In such situations, you can use a lodestone compass to guide you in the right direction and as a result, you no longer need to be concerned about getting lost and can instead concentrate on your travel because you may return at any time. As opposed to notmal compass, a lodestone compass can only be attached to a lodestone and points toward it.

Materials Required to Make a Lodestone Compass

You need 1 compass and 1 lodestone to make a lodsetone compass.

How to Make a Compass

Compass can be made by placing 1 Redstone dust and 4 iron ingots in the exact same order on the crafting table as mentioned below.

For making iron ingots you need to mine iron ore using stone or a higher level of pickaxe. After mining them you need to place those ores and any fuel source on the furnace that will give your iron ingots.

The next thing is finding a Redstone ore that is mostly available around the lava source, but you can find them by digging as well from Y level of 0-15.

How to Make a Netherite Ingot

The netherite ingot is one of the key elements to make lodestone and for that the first thing that you need is to collect 4 blocks of normal stones and then place them on the crafting table in the exact mentioned order that will give you 4 stone bricks.

Then place 3 of these stone bricks in the same order on the crafting table again to get 6 stone brick slab

Placing 2 of these stone bricks slabs on the crafting table in the same order will give you chiseled stone bricks. As you need 8 chiseled stone bricks for this recipe, you need to craft these items accordingly.

Now this is just the first part of making a lodestone, in the second part you also need to craft the netherite ingot which can be done by placing 4 netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots on the crafting table. A Netheite scrap can be made by mining a block using a diamond pickaxe with the name of ancient debris.

After that place them inside a furnace that will give you netherite scraps. The next thing that you need is golden ingots that you can make by placing gold ore inside a furnace.

We have got the Netherite ingot and chiseled stone bricks, the next step is to make the Lodestone.

How to Make a Lodestone

You need to place 1 netherite ingot at the center and then surround it with 8 chiseled stone bricks on the crafting table as shown below to make a lodestone.

Now, the last step is to make a lodestone compass and for that you need to place a lodestone on the ground and then click on it while holding a compass in your hand. You will notice that the normal compass now has a blue colored light on it.


Getting lost in Minecraft is easy as the different worlds available in the Minecraft game are huge. So, in such scenarios, you can use a lodestone compass that will be used to track your location and can save you from all the trouble. To make this work you need to place the lodestone which you want to track the location of and after that a lodestone compass will always point towards its location.

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