How to make an Item Frame in Minecraft

Item frames in the Minecraft game can be used for decoration purposes which are empty by default. This means that when you make it, there is nothing to display inside it but you can put your favorite item that you want to be displayed on the wall. This is highly customizable compared to the other decorative blocks and useful especially if you want to display some of the rare items like a dragon head.

Materials Required to Make an Item Frame

You need to place 1 piece of leather and 8 pieces of sticks on the crafting table to make this item.

How to Get the leather

You can get the leather naturally by killing cows in the game and doing that will drop 1-2 pieces that will be sufficient to make this recipe. Finding them is not a difficult task to do as they are available in a variety of biomes such as plains, forests, and swamp biomes. They are very friendly and when you attack them they will not attack you, they run away from you instead.

How to Make Sticks

This is the second item that is required to make this recipe which is also not difficult to make. The first thing you need to do is to find any tree possible and chop it either by using your hands or an axe which is highly recommended to increase the chopping speed. When you chop a tree you will notice some wooden logs starting to appear on the ground.

You need to pick those logs and place one of them on the crafting table, that will give you 4 wooden planks.

Later you need to place 2 wooden planks again on the crafting table that will give you 4 pieces of sticks and as you need 8 sticks, you need to repeat this step twice.

How to Make an Item Frame

You can make an item frame by placing 8 sticks and 1 piece of leather on the crafting table in the exact same order as mentioned below.

How to Use an Item Frame

Item frames can be displayed on the wall, all you need to do is to equip this and then click on the wall as shown below.

Item frames can be used to store and display any item by placing inside it. For example, equip a sword and click on it to display inside a frame.

You can also change the position of the sword if you want to by right clicking on the item frame again.

Just like that you can insert and change the position of other items as well. To get back that item simply left click on the item frame.


Item frame is a plain block that is empty by default and there is nothing that can be seen inside it. But you can display any of the items inside it by putting this frame on the wall and then clicking on the frame again while equipping the item. Moreover, you can get back and equip the displayed item simply by left clicking on the Item Frame.

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