How to Make an Instant Health Potion in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world game where your main goal is to survive and construct many valuable items that can help you in the long run. But doing so will not be an easy task, as you will come across many dangerous mobs that will try to kill you when they see you. So, one way to survive is to have some instant health potions in your arsenal that you can consume when you are about to die or low in health, which will give you a speedy recovery.

The Materials Required to Make an Instant Health Potion

The necessary items that are required to make the instant health potion as well as their required quantity are mentioned in the table below

How to Get Nether Wart

The first thing you need to do is to go to the nether world by creating a nether portal. You can find this item around the bastion remnants or in the nether fortress. These are usually red in color that is mostly grown on the surface of the nether world inside soul sand.

How to Make Glistering Melon

Glittering Melon requires you to gather 1 melon and you also need to make 8 gold nuggets.

Making Gold Nuggets: This requires you to make the gold ingot first, which can be made by mining gold ore and then using a furnace. You can get more details regarding the gold ingot by visiting this article. 1 gold ingot will give you 9 gold nuggets when you place it on the crafting table as shown below:

Gathering of a Melon: You need to find the blocks of melon, which are most commonly available in woodland mansions or biomes full of trees, such as a jungle biome. These are usually green and yellow in color, with patches on them. You can get them in the form of slices by hitting them either with your hands or using any tool.

How to Make a Water Bottle

Making a water bottle requires you to collect the blocks of sand first, and a shovel is one of the best tools to do this job.

Making of a Glass: After that, you are required to place those sand blocks on the furnace and in return, you will get 1 glass for each block of sand.

Making of a Glass Bottle: Making of a glass bottle requires you to first make 3 blocks of normal glass by following the above recipe, and placing these on the crafting table will give you 3 glass bottles.

The only thing that remains now is to fill these empty glass bottles with water, which will make the glass bottles, and for that, you can find any nearby water source.

How to Make Blaze Powder

The nether world is filled with many different dangerous mobs, and one of them is the Blaze mob, and killing it will give you an item called the Blaze rod.

The blaze rod is required to give you 2 blaze powders, which act as a power source for the brewing stand, which will be discussed in the next section.

How to Make a Brewing Stand

The brewing stand is one of the most important for making any sort of potions in the Minecraft game, and that’s why it is also required for making an instant health potion as well. You will need to collect two items to make it; the first one is the blaze rod that we have already discussed in the previous section, and the second one is 3 cobblestones that you can get by mining normal stones using a pickaxe.

How to Make an Instant Health Potion

When you place the brewing stand on the ground and click on it, you will notice some empty blocks that you need to fill, which will give you an awkward potion. So, to make it, you need to put the blaze powder on the top left slot, the nether wart on the top middle, and 1 to 3 water bottles on the bottom middle.

After making the awkward potion, you should now be able to make an instant health potion, and for that, you just need to replace the nether wart with the glistering melon.

This potion will start recovering your health instantly after consuming it and provide you with 18 health points within the span of 45 seconds.


The main objective of Minecraft is to survive and construct valuable items that can help you in the long run. But this will not be an easy task, as you will encounter many dangerous mobs that will try to kill you when they see you. Luckily, having an instant health potion in your arsenal will give you a speedy recovery when you are close to dying or are low on health.

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