How to make a Healing Potion in Minecraft

The Minecraft game includes a variety of potions that you can use to your advantage in various situations, one of which is a healing potion that can be used to restore your health. This will be highly useful especially if you are dealing with multiple mobs in the game and when you are low on health.

Materials Required to Make a Healing Potion

You need 1 nether wart, 1 glistering iron, 1 water bottle and 1 blaze powder to make a healing potion:

How to Find a Nether Wart

You can find a nether wart in the nether biome by going into the nether fortress or bastion remnants.

You can mine these wart blocks using any tool that you have or even by hand as well.

How to Make a Glistering Melon

Glistering melon can be made by placing 8 gold nuggets and 1 normal melon on the crafting table.

You can make a golden nugget by placing 1 golden ingot on the crafting table. While golden ingots can be made by placing golden ore and any fuel source inside a furnace.

You can get the slice of melon by breaking the melon blocks by hands (or by using any tool) which you can mostly find in the jungle biome and the woodland mansion.

How to Make a Water Bottle

First you need to collect the block of sand and place them inside a furnace that will give you a block of glass. Then you need to make 3 of these glass blocks and place them on the crafting table in the same exact order as shown below to make a glass bottle.

Now find a water source and fill these empty bottles with water to make them a water bottle.

How to Make a Blaze Powder

You can make 2 blaze powders by placing 1 blaze rod on the crafting table that you can get by killing a blaze mob that is only available in the nether world.

How to Make a Healing Potion

The next thing you need is a brewing stand that you can make by placing 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestones on the crafting table.

When you place this stand on the ground and click on it, you will notice that a new display has opened as shown below.

Now in the first slot on the top left you need to place the blaze powder, a nether wart on the top center and a water bottle in the bottom center. You can place 3 water bottles at a time on this brewing stand as there are three slots available.

This will make the awkward potion, now you need to place the glistering melon in the top middle where you have placed the nether wart earlier.


Healing potion is used to heal yourself and recover your health in the Minecraft game. This is extremely beneficial while fighting with several mobs and if you are running low on health. One potion will recover your 3 health points and its recipe is discussed in this article.

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