How to Make a Group Chat on Discord

Discord permits you to create private servers to have a place where you can communicate with your friends by sending messages, audio/video calls, and sharing files. However, there can be a situation where it is required to talk to a small group of Discord buddies.

Fortunately, this platform offers the functionality to make a group chat with up to “10” participants. As a result, you can strike up brief, informal chats within a few selected friends group.

This guide will demonstrate the method of making a group chat on Discord:

  • Using the New Group DM option
  • Using the One-to-One DM option

Let’s get started!

How to Make a Group Chat on Discord Using New Group DM Option?

With the help of the “New Group DM” feature, you can make a group chat on Discord within a few seconds. Check out the given instructions to know more about its implementation.

Step 1: Open Discord Application

On your system, firstly open the Discord app:

Step 2: Open Friends List

To open the Friends list, click on the “Friends” option from the left-side menu:

Step 3: Select New Group DM option

Look for the highlighted “New Group DM” option and click on it:

Step 4: Select Friends

Next, select the friends with whom you want to group chat. Remember, the maximum number of participants is set to “10” by the Discord developers:

The created chat group is all ready to use. After accepting the invite, the selected friends can start chatting:

Let’s check out the other method for making a group chat in Discord.

How to Make a Group Chat on Discord Using One-to-One DM Option?

The One-to-One DM option is another Discord feature that can be utilized to make a group chat on Discord, as it directly adds your friend to the group without sending the invite link.

Step 1: Open DM
Firstly, select a friend from the “Direct Messages” panel to view the related DM:

Step 2: Select Add Friends to DM Option

Then, select the “Add Friends to DM” option from the Discord top bar:

Step 3: Create Group DM

Lastly, choose the friends to add them to a group chat and click on the “Create Group DM” button:

As you can see, we have successfully created a group for chatting based on our selected members:

Not interested in the group chat? You can leave it anytime.

Leaving a Group Chat in Discord

For the purpose of leaving group chat, right-click on the created group and click on the “Leave Group” option:

It’s your choice to notify other members or not. For instance, we have marked the highlighted checkbox as we want to leave without notifying other members and click the “Leave Group” button:

The created group is nowhere under the “Direct Messages” panel, which indicates that we are no longer a member of it:

We have provided the easiest methods for making a group chat on Discord.


To make a group chat in Discord, use the “New Group DM” or the “One-to-One DM” option. In the first approach, you have to select friends from the list and send them invites to join the created group chat. The second approach is more like a direct way to add friends to a group chat without invitation. This guide demonstrated the method to make a group chat in Discord.

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