How to Make a Green Dye in Minecraft

Minecraft comes with lots of customization options that you can implement either on your character or the items that you are using within the game. So, if you get bored with the dull look of the blocks used in the game then you can change their color to whatever you want. This article will discuss the green dye which is one of 16 available in the game.

Materials Required to Make a Green Dye

You will need only two items to make a green dye, the first thing that you need is the cactus plant and the second one is the furnace block.

Finding a cactus

You can find a cactus naturally in the desert village biome and for that, you need to find a village inside a desert biome. After that, you need to start wandering around and try to find a cactus that is green in color and is not hard to find as displayed in the image below.

You can either get the cactus by directly breaking it with any tool or with your bare hands or you can also break the sand block below the cactus which will drop cactus on the ground.

Making a Furnace

The next item that you need is a furnace in which you need to place these wooden logs and a fuel source and in return, this will give you charcoal. To make a furnace if you do not already own one, you can place eight cobblestones in the same sequence on the crafting table.

Getting cobblestones is another mystery that requires at least a pickaxe as it can’t be mined using your bare hands like you did with chopping trees before.

Making a Wooden Pickaxe: So, let’s start making one of the basic pickaxes which is the wooden pickaxe for simplicity. Here you will need 3 wooden planks that you need to place in the first row and 2 sticks that you need to place in the bottom two slots as shown in the image. So 1 wooden log will give you 4 wooden planks and 2 wooden planks will give you 4 sticks that you can utilize to make this recipe. For more details regarding the wooden pickaxe and its uses you can visit this link.

Making a Green Dye

When you access the furnace, you will notice three slots from which two are on the same side whereas the third one is on the right side. On the top slot you need to place the cactus, and, on the bottom, you need to place the fuel source that will smelt the cactus and in return, you will get the green dye in the third slot.

What You Can Do With the Green Dye?

The only purpose of the green dye is to change the color of the object in Minecraft to green and you can do that with multiple things which are listed below.

  • If you have leather armor, then you can change its color to green using a green dye
  • You can dye a bed to green
  • You can change the color of the transparent glass to green

These are just some of the few things that you can do with the green dye whereas the use of green dye is huge.


There are a total of 16 different dyes available in the game that you could use to change the dull look of the items in the game if you got bored. One of them is the green-colored dye that has been discussed in detail in this article.

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