How to Make Glass Bottle in Minecraft

Glass bottles are handy in Minecraft because we can use them to carry water and different potions. These potions can give you superpowers to win the survival mode easily. It would help if you always kept a glass bottle in your inventory.

The bottles are valuable to defeating the ender dragon and becoming the best. You can use glass bottles in Minecraft for:

  • Collecting water or storing different potions.
  • Keeping the purple clouds that appear when Ender Dragon breaths.
  • Collecting honey from the Beehives.
  • Filling a cauldron.

Creating glass bottles in Minecraft is easy to understand because Minecraft also works according to real-life productions. Hence, we need sand and heat to make glass out of it. Let’s learn how to make glass bottles in Minecraft.

How to Make Glass Bottle in Minecraft

Here is the list of materials you need to create glass bottles:

Name Sand Coal Furnace Crafting Table

So let’s start the process by placing the furnace on the floor:

In order to make glass from sand, put coal and sand in the furnace first:

After some time, the furnace will start to create glass blocks out of sand:

After creating glass from sand, pick it up and put it in the crafting table like this format:

Three glass blocks can create three bottles, so a total of nine glass blocks means we can create nine bottles out of them.

After making glass bottles, just pick them up from the crafting table and put them in the inventory, and you are good to go.

In A Nutshell

As a Minecrafter players team, we recommend making glass bottles because they are essential. These glass bottles will help you complete this game’s survival mode in different places. These bottles are easy to make, so don’t throw your sand block and just go for these bottles.

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