How to make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft

While traversing the world of Minecraft you will find lava in different places that can harm and eventually kill you if you don’t equip yourself with the fire-resistance potion. Other than that, this can also help you while fighting different mobs, especially in the nether world such as a blaze or ghast that will throw fireballs at you. So the materials required to make this potion and how you will get them will be discussed in this article.

This guide comprises two main parts; the first one is to make a brewing stand which you need to make any potion. The second part is for the materials that are required to make this fire-resistant potion.

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First let’s make a brewing stand which is a required item to make any potion.

Materials Required to Make a Brewing Stand

The brewing stand is an instrument that will be used to make any potion in Minecraft by putting all the required items together. There are two main items that you can use to make this stand which are the blaze rod and the cobblestones.

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How to get a Blaze Rod

For blaze rod, you need to kill a mob with the name of a blaze that is only available in the nether. Now, if you don’t know how you can access the nether world then you need to make a nether portal and those details are mentioned in this article. After entering the nether, you need to find the blaze mob that can be seen below.

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If you are unable to find one, then you need to roam around a little and explore different parts of the nether or visit the nether fortresses. Killing it won’t be that easy so you need to equip yourself with strong armor and weapons and ideally, it should be made with a diamond if not netherite. You also need to have some strong reflexes as this mob would throw fireballs at you that could put you in danger if you got hit by them.

Also, you need to gather as many blaze rods as you can because you will also need blaze powder that you only make by using this, which acts as an energy source in making this potion. Killing them will give you 1 blaze rod that should be sufficient for making a brewing stand.

How to get Cobblestones

You can find cobblestones in almost every other biome near rivers, caves, and mountains. You can’t mine them barehanded, so you need to equip yourself at least with a wooden pickaxe although there are better pickaxes also available in the game. If you’re not familiar with the cobblestones, then look at the gray part in the below image to get a better idea.

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Note: Making a wooden pickaxe required 3 wooden planks and 2 wooden sticks.

How to Make a Brewing stand

As per our earlier discussion, place 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestones in the mentioned order on a crafting table to make a brewing stand.

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Now let’s move towards the core part of this guide which is to make a fire resistance potion.

Materials required to make a Fire-Resistance Potion

To make this potion you need 1 nether wart, 1 magma cream, and 1 water bottle and the details of each item will be discussed in the next section.

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Let’s look at the procedures of getting each of these items one by one.

How to Get a Blaze Powder

You need to place a blaze rod on a crafting table that will give you 2 blaze powders.

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How to Get a Nether Wart

For the nether wart, you need to go to the nether once again as they are only available there. It is a plant that you need to find and then cut to get some nether warts.

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How to Get a Magma Cream

To make a magma cream you need two items. The first one is the slime ball while the second one is the blaze powder. To make a slime ball you need to find the slime which is available around the shore side of the river and killing them will give you a slime ball.

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Now place the slime ball and blaze powder on a crafting table to get the magma cream.

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How to Make a Water Bottle

You need to place 3 pieces of glass on a crafting table that will give you 3 glass bottles. Whereas you can make glass by smelting sand inside a furnace.

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Now find any water source and click on it while equipping the empty bottle to fill it with water.

How to Make a Fire-Resistance Potion

This potion consists of two main parts: first, you need to use a nether wart that will be used to make an awkward potion, and then you will replace the nether wart with magma cream.

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Now after making an awkward potion place the magma cream in that slot where you have previously placed the nether wart to make a fire-resistance potion.

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Now you can easily withstand the fire for up to 3 minutes but if you want to enhance it for 8 minutes, you can do that by placing lava dust as shown in the image below.

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Fire-resistant is one of the most useful potions especially when it comes to protecting yourself against lava and fire-based mobs. You will face many such mobs while exploring the Minecraft world, especially in the nether that can easily kill you if you didn’t equip yourself with this potion. In this guide, a complete process of making a fire resistance potion is described.

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