How to make and use a Dispenser in Minecraft

A dispenser is a block in the Minecraft game that is used to throw the items that are stored in it. It can store up to 9 items inside it and will throw items when getting a power signal based on Redstone. This means that you can store any random item in it and can be used to make automatic farms as well. Other than that, you can use this block to protect your surroundings as well by throwing arrows and other weapons from it.

Material Required to Make a Dispenser

You need 1 Redstone dust, 7 cobblestones, and 1 bow to make a dispenser.

How to get the Redstone Dust in Minecraft

The first item on our list is getting Redstone dust that you can get by mining a Redstone ore. You can find this ore in the caves and by digging the surface of the ground. It will be red in color with some red dots on it and you can mine using an iron or any other higher-level pickaxe because a wooden or a stone pickaxe won’t work on it.

How to get Cobblestones in Minecraft

Stones are one of the most common building blocks available in the game that are also needed to get the cobblestones.

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So, you need to find some blocks of stones first and then mine them with any pickaxe to gather at least 7 pieces of cobblestones.

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How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

You can make a bow by placing 2 sticks and 3 strings on the crafting table. For making sticks you need to first chop any tree nearby either by using your hands or by any axe. This will give you a wooden log that will produce 4 wooden planks by placing it on the crafting table and later you need to place 2 wooden planks again to get 4 sticks.

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Next, you need to gather some strings which you can only get by killing spiders. These spiders can easily be found in the caves and in the dark areas where there is very limited or no light. Killing spiders will give you 1 to 2 pieces of string. As you need 3 strings, you need to kill at least 2 spiders to get the required item.

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Now place 3 strings and 2 sticks on the below-mentioned order on the crafting table to make a bow.

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How to Make a Dispenser in Minecraft

As stated earlier, you need 1 Redstone dust, 7 cobblestones and 1 bow, now place them accordingly on the crafting table to make a dispenser.

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How to Use a Dispenser in Minecraft

Dispenser throws any random item that is stored in it when it gets a Redstone signal as shown below:


Dispenser is a block in the Minecraft game that runs by getting a Redstone signal. It can store up to 9 items in its inventory and can be used to throw items whenever it gets a signal. This is very useful to make automatic farms or you can even store arrows in it to kill other mobs.

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