How to make Custom emojis for Discord

On Discord, you may get caught in a situation where you think your default set of emojis is not enough for you and you cannot express your emotions through the available emojis. You do not have to worry because custom emojis are supported in Discord. Discord permits you to upload and utilize custom emojis on your Discord server to make conversations more entertaining. This write-up will teach you how to make custom emojis for Discord. Moreover, we will also show the procedure of using the created custom emojis on Discord. So, let’s start!

Custom Emoji on Discord

You can use custom emojis on Discord to express yourself in a better way. These emojis can be both animated and static. On Discord, 50 animated and 50 static custom emojis are permitted to upload for free. The custom static emojis can be freely used in any ongoing conversation on Discord. However, to utilize animated emojis on Discord, you should have a Discord Nitro subscription.

As previously stated, your Discord server by default has 50 free emoji slots. You earn an extra 50 emoji slots if a Discord server unlocks the perks of level 1 (2 Nitro boosts). This signifies that you will have 100 accessible slots for emojis at level 1. In the same way, with 15 Nitro boosts of level 2 server, you will have 150 emojis slots, and the user of the level 3 Discord server having 30 Nitro boosts will be allowed to upload their custom emojis in the 250 slots.

The next section of this post will demonstrate how to make custom emojis for Discord.

How to make custom emojis for Discord

Before starting up the procedure of making custom emojis for your Discord server, there are a few things to consider. Keep in mind that the size of your custom emoji should not be more than 256KB, and the image should be resized to 128×128 pixels. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

First of all, select your image to make a custom emoji for Discord and “crop” it into a 1:1 ratio. You can use any photo editing software for this purpose; however, I’m using the FastStone Image Viewer for the demonstration.

Whatever the photo editing software you are using on your system, the first thing you need to do is to open the selected image and crop it into a 1:1 ratio:

In the next step, we will resize our image to 128×128 pixels:

Now, your custom emoji is all ready to use on your Discord server:

How to remove background of custom emoji for Discord

Most users prefer to remove the background of their custom emoji before using it on the server. With the transparent background, your custom emoji will look the same as the default ones. For this purpose, you can utilize any background removal online tool such as remove.bg, inpixio.com, or kapwing.

Now, we will remove the background of our created custom emoji using the remove.bg tool. If you want to do the same, then upload your image of custom emoji by utilizing the “Upload Image” button:

Here, we will select and upload the “bighero6” emoji by clicking the “Open” button:

Within a few seconds, the background of your custom emoji will be removed. Next, click on the “Download” button and save it as a “PNG” file on your system:

Here is the final look of our custom emoji after removing the background:

How to use custom emoji on Discord

After creating the custom emoji with the required size and the removed background, it is now all set to use on our Discord server. If you have made a custom emoji and want to use it in your Discord server conversation, then firstly open up your Discord application and select your Discord server:

In the left-click menu of your Discord server, go to the “Server Settings” and click on the “Emoji” category:

The opened Discord window will show you an “Upload Emoji” option; click on it and upload your custom emoji file:

Here, you can also set “alias” for your custom emoji:

Now, to use the uploaded custom emoji, move in any of your text channels of the Discord server, open up the emoji menu and select your uploaded custom emoji:

Now, hit “Enter,” and your custom emoji will be sent in the ongoing conversation on Discord:

How to make custom emoji for Discord using online tools

Many online tools are available by which you can craft custom emoji for your Discord server. In between these online tools, the top ones are emoji.gg, makeemoji, and kapwing. Using the MakeEmoji and KAPWING tool, you can upload your image, and it will then be converted to a custom emoji. However, if you want to make a custom emoji with all the features that a default emoji holds on Discord, go for the emoji.gg tool option:

After opening the emoji.gg online tool, we have selected the base, eyes, brows, mouth, and some extra accessories for our emoji, and here is the result:

After downloading the created custom emoji, again open up your server settings and then move to the “Emoji” category. Upload your custom emoji there:

Now, let’s see how this custom emoji is going to look when we use it in the conversation:

And, here we go:


Emojis are a perfect way to express yourself or your emotions in a conversation. However, on Discord, you may get bored by using the same emojis over and over again. You can make a custom emoji for Discord and upload it to your Discord server. This write-up taught you how to make a custom emoji for Discord. We have also shown you to create custom emoji having the same features which the default emojis have on Discord using the emoji.gg online tool. The details about other custom emoji online tools are also provided to you; use any of them according to your preferences!

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