How to make custom Discord commands

Discord is a communication platform that is easy to use, extremely secure, uses less data, and provides all necessary features for free. This platform was initially designed for gamers; however, it is widely utilized by users who want to avail of its extensive features. In this post, we will look at one such feature, which is custom Discord commands.

Custom Discord commands help you to enhance your user experience on Discord. Whether you are a new Discord user or expert and interested in making custom commands on Discord, our guide will assist you in this regard!

This write-up will show you how to make custom Discord commands using “MEE6” and “Custom Commands” bots. So let’s start!

How to make custom Discord commands using MEE6 bot

MEE6 is a Discord role bot that lets users assign roles to themselves via Discord reactions. This discord role generator can adjust permissions for users in Discord automatically. You can also use MEE6 for making custom Discord commands.

If you want to use MEE6 for making custom Discord commands, then firstly log in to your Discord with MEE6:

Now, MEE6 will ask for permission to access your Discord account; click on the “Authorize” button to move ahead:

Now, select your Discord server for which you want to set up the MEE6 bot:

Again, grant access to MEE6 for using your Discord server, which is “SharqaHameed” in our case:

Now, confirm the set of permissions you want to assign to the MEE6 and click on the “Authorize” button:

If you have completed all of the previously given steps till now, then MEE6 is ready to use on your Discord server. Open up your Discord server, and you will see a notification in your selected Discord server that the “MEE6” bot is there:

Now, go back to your MEE6 dashboard and from the “SERVER MANAGEMENT” menu, open up the “Custom Commands” category:

Next, click on the plus “+” button to make a custom Discord command:

Firstly, write out your custom command and then click on the “Add an action” button to specify the action that will be triggered for this particular custom command:

From the drop-down action menu, you can select any of the available roles. In our case, we have chosen “Both responds with”:

In the next step, we will add the content, which we will be treated as the response from the MEE6 bot on the Discord server:

You can set the permissions and description for your custom command using the “Additional settings”:

After customizing the command, click on the “Create new command” button to use this custom command on the Discord server:

Now, move back to your Discord application. In the chatbox of your Discord server, write out your custom command. For instance, we have typed “!okay” which is the command which we created previously:

You have to press “Enter” after writing out the custom Discord command and wait for a few seconds to see if it triggered the specified action or not. For instance, as a result of our “!okay” command execution, the MEE6 bot responded with the content we have added earlier:

How to make custom Discord commands using the Custom Commands bot

As a Discord user, you can use the “Custom Commands” bot for making custom Discord commands with no restrictions and easy management systems. “Custom Commands” bot offers a dashboard where you can create, update, delete various custom Discord commands belonging to the Text, Embed, Random Role, Give and remove(Role), Timed role categories. For this purpose, you have to invite the “Custom Commands” bot to your server.

So, open up top.gg, check out Custom Commands bot, and click on the “Invite this bot” button:

Now, select your Discord server from the “Add To Server” option, and click on the “Continue” button:

The Custom Commands bot will show you the permission it needs to operate on your Discord server in the next window. Click on the “Authorize” button to grant the requested access:

Now, go to your Discord application and open up the selected Discord server. After doing so, click on your “Custom Commands” bot, and then move to provide link for creating custom commands:

Next, click on the “Dashboard” button:

Again, mark down the requested permissions and click on the “Authorize” button:

Now, select your Discord server for which you are going to create custom commands:

Here, we are with the “Custom Commands” bot dashboard. From the left-side menu, click on the “Commands” button. By performing this operation, you will see a list of commands types such as Text, Embed, Random, Role, Give and remove (Role), Timed role commands which you can make on the dashboard:

For instance, we have selected “Text” as a custom command type:

Now, you can write out the Command Name, its Arguments, and Content in their specified field. In our case, we will create a custom command, “countemoji“. This command will take an “emoji” as an argument and will display our “{user_name}” with the total number of custom “{emojis}” present on the server and the emoji we have passed as an argument.

You can create custom commands by using a predefined list of variables present on the right side of the dashboard. After adding your command name, its arguments, and content, check the “Approved” box and then click on the “Create” button:

On our dashboard, the created custom commands will look like this:

Now, go back to the Discord server and type “**list” for listing out the created custom command using the “Custom Commands” bot:

Here is the “countemoji” command, which we already created on the dashboard of the “Custom Commands” bot:

Now to execute the created “countemoji” command, we will start with the “**” prefix with the “countemoji” and pass an argument as “emoji”:

You can see that the execution of the “countemoji” command will show the command content which we have defined at the time of creating it:

Utilize the dashboard to edit, delete, or change the permissions of the custom command:

The default prefix for the custom commands is “**“. However, you can change this bot command prefix using the settings options of the dashboard. It will also offer you to set other custom command settings as well:


Discord commands offer you a method to trigger a specific action using a collection of words. You can use multiple built-in commands. However, Discord also permits its users to make custom Discord commands and use them on their respective servers. For this purpose, Bots can be invited to your Discord server, allowing you to create and customize Discord commands on their dashboard and then utilize those commands in your selected server. In this write-up, we demonstrated how to set up MEE6 and Custom Commands bots, make custom commands using their dashboard and then execute the created commands on the Discord server.

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