How to make concrete in Minecraft

In Minecraft, users can customize almost anything, so it’s one of the most popular open-world games. So if you are planning to create a variety of buildings in this game, you will need concrete which is an essential part of this process. This construction material comes in multiple colors, which are also very durable and not flammable. It comes in 16 different colors, from white to light blue, yellow to gray, purple to black. So you have multiple choices and can create buildings of any color and shape as per your imagination. The color of your buildings can be customized as long as you have the required dyes. A concrete block is more durable than a stone, but it’s blast resistance is relatively lower.

How to make concrete powder in Minecraft

To make concrete, you first need to craft the concrete powder slab, and you need the following items to do this:

  • Four slabs of gravel
  • Four slabs of sand
  • Dye of any color (16 colors)

The sand slab is displayed on the left side that can be found from the desert biomes using a shovel. On the other hand, gravel slabs can be found on the beaches. As mentioned earlier, there are 16 different colors of dye available, as shown in the image below:

You need to place these items in any order you like onto the crafting table, which has a 3X3 block system.

How to make a white concrete powder in Minecraft

To make a white concrete powder, you need to have the white dye that will provide you 8 white concrete powders. Other items will remain the same that have been discussed above.

How to make black concrete powder in Minecraft

You can make the black concrete by following the same method mentioned above. It only differs in color, which in this case is black.

These two examples would be enough for you for a basic understanding. As there are 16 dye colors available, you can make the concrete powder of any color of your own choice.

How to make concrete in Minecraft

You can easily make the concrete after creating the concrete powder, which is an essential part of this process. After that, you need to find a water source and place the concrete powder inside it to transform it into a solid concrete slab. So here we will show you how you can make the concrete of white and black color as previously we have created the concrete powder of these two colors. Later you can mine it with any pickaxe of your choice.

Similarly, you can create black concrete by following the same method. You need to place the black concrete powder slab into the water, as shown below.


Concrete is the backbone for the creation of any building in Minecraft. It comes in 16 different colors, so you have lots of different choices for customization. For this, you need to make a concrete powder slab first by placing four slabs of sand and gravel with one block of a dye of any color on the crafting table. This article has taught you about the detailed process for creating a concrete slab.

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