How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

A composter is a block available in the Minecraft game that is used to dispose of seeds and fruits that you no longer need in your inventory and in return, it will give you a bone meal (fertilizer). This is very beneficial especially to speed up the process of growing crops whereas you can find this block naturally almost in every village biome. If for any reason you are not able to find this block then you can make it as well which will be discussed in this article.

Materials Required to Make a Composter

You need to place 7 wooden slabs on the crafting table to make a composter block:

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How to Make the Wooden Slab

To make a wooden slab you need to first find any tree and then chop it using your hands or by any axe that you can get which will give you a wooden log based on that tree. For example, if you chop the wooden birch tree you will get the birch log, and this will be the same for all other trees as well.

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After that, you need to pick that log and place it on the crafting table(either 2×2 or 3×3) that will give you 4 birch planks.

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If you don’t have a crafting table, then you can make one by placing 4 wooden planks on your default 2X2 crafting grid.

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Now place 3 of these birch planks on the crafting table in the exact same way again that will give you 6 wooden slabs.

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How to Make a Composter

To make a composter you need 7 of these slabs and as we have 6 wooden slabs, so you have to repeat this whole process twice. This means that you need to place another birch log either on the crafting table or in your own crafting grid which will give you again 4 birch planks. From these 4 you need to place 3 on the crafting table that will give you another 6 wooden birch slabs. Now you will have a total of 12 wooden birch slabs and from these, you need to place 7 on the crafting table in the exact same way that has been described in the image below.

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How to Use the Composter

Place the composter on the ground and fill it with leftover seeds that will give you a bonemeal.

After collecting the bone meal, you can use them on any kind of crop that will increase its growth speed. Fill the composter with seeds and bone meal will come out of the block, equip it and right-click on the crops:

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Growing crops in Minecraft is time-consuming where you need to wait a lot to harvest them. You can increase their growth speed by using a bone meal that you can make by using a composter. Other than that you can dispose of additional seeds in the composter that is no longer required.

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