How to Make Chrome Default Browser on Windows

“Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of Chrome, a browser built by Google. With its 3.2 billion users, it is an easy-to-use browser for all your internet fun and work.

A fresh copy of Windows comes with Microsoft’s default browser, namely Microsoft Internet Explorer or the newer version Microsoft Edge. Making Google Chrome, your default browser does come with its pros. It is marketed as the best, quickest internet browser. It has useful plugins and extensions that make your browser even more effective.

This guide follows set instructions for Windows 10, but these should also work fine for all the versions of Windows in a similar fashion.”

Installing Google Chrome on Windows

Google Chrome has been users’ number 1 choice since its dawn. Before making Google Chrome your default browser, you need to have it installed on your device. Open any browser and search Google Chrome on any search engine, or you can download it from the link here.

Once you’ve landed on the website, you should see a “Download Chrome” button, clicking on which should start the download for you.

After Chromesetup.exe is done downloading, run the .exe file, allow it to install, and wait for the setup to complete.

You now have successfully installed Google Chrome on your Windows desktop or laptop. You must see its icon on your desktop or can search for it in the Windows search bar.

The next step to unlock complete customization for yourself is to add your profile by logging in to your Google account to maintain all your passwords, transactions, or internet surfing history. You can set your theme and add your bookmarks and extensions for ease of use.

It’s also an option to use the Guest Mode if you don’t have a google account or don’t want the browser to save your data yet.

Making Google Chrome Your Default Internet Browser

This guide will help you make Google Chrome your default browser. You are prompted to make Google Chrome your default browser when you first open it after installing it. If you missed that opportunity, do not worry. There are effectively two methods on how to make your default Internet Browser. Firstly, from inside windows and secondly from Google Chrome itself.

1) Using Windows

On your Windows device, search for “Default apps” or “Choose a default web browser”.

The following windows will open. Find the web browser option and set it to Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is now your default internet browser. Have fun surfing!

2) Using Chrome

Open Google Chrome from desktop shortcuts, or you can search for it. An empty tab will open.

Now find the triple-dot icon to the right of your profile. A drop-down menu pops. Find settings and open it. Or else, try typing “chrome://settings/” in the Search Bar.

Find the default browser option and opt for it.

Click on the Make Default button to make Google Chrome the default browser. The same window will pop up.

Scroll down to “Web browser” and change it to Google Chrome.

Must Use Chrome Features

1) Side Panel

You can find this option on the top right-most portion of your browser.

This icon will open up the side panel containing our Reading List and Bookmarks.

You can add a webpage that you want to read later using the Reading List. Bookmarks can be websites that you use almost daily. You can find them in the bookmarks bar and open them in a new bar by clicking on them.

2) Extensions

You can download any Chrome extensions from the link here. Some of our favorite extensions are Grammarly and Honey.

You can find your already installed extensions option under the More tools menu or by typing the following URL “chrome://extensions/” in the bar.

You can enable, disable or remove extensions from Google Chrome under this window.

3) Themes

Chrome provides its user with complete control and customizability over multiple devices under one single google account. After logging in to your profile, you can make your Google Chrome look pretty, dark, or colorful. You can find your favorite themes here.

If you want to install the theme I used in the guide, you can find it here. Other than that, dark, anime, rainbow, all in all, a wide variety of themes are available for you.

You can find your theme in settings under the appearance section or by typing “chrome://settings/appearance” in the search/URL bar.

The installed theme will be saved for your current profile. Any device that you log your profile into will now have this theme on every time unless you delete the theme or change it.


After following all the steps correctly, you have successfully installed Google Chrome and made it your default Internet Browser. Internet Browsing has now been made easier and faster with Google Chrome, the internet’s favorite choice.

We have mentioned two methods on how to make Google Chrome your default browser. We’ve mentioned some of the must-use features on Google Chrome. Have fun scrolling social media or researching for your semester project.

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