How to Make a Charcoal in Minecraft

A furnace is one of the most useful items in the Minecraft game that can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as smelting ores and cooking raw food. But doing all this also requires fuel and one of the fuel options which you can use is the charcoal that will be discussed in this article.

Material Required to Make a Charcoal

Making charcoal requires only two items, the first is the wooden log and the second one is the furnace as shown in the table below.

How to Get the Wooden Logs

Getting a wooden log in Minecraft is one of the easiest things to do as all you need to do is find a tree and chop it. Keep that in mind that there are a variety of trees available in the game ranging from oak to birch, acacia to spruce and you can use any of these for this recipe. For example, the tree with white color is a birch tree whereas the tree with brown color is an oak tree.

Now when it comes to chopping you can either do that with your bare hands or you can use an axe as well. To speed things up, it is always recommended to use an axe and there are a variety of axes available in the game as well such as a wooden to stone, iron to gold, and diamond to netherite axe. When you chop any of the trees you will notice a block of those trees starts to fall on the ground named a wooden log in the game as shown in the image below.

Making a Furnace

The next item that you need is a furnace in which you need to place these wooden logs and a fuel source and in return, this will give you charcoal. Making a furnace only requires one item which is the cobblestone and you need 8 of them to make one.

Getting cobblestones is another mystery that requires at least a pickaxe as it can’t be mined using your bare hands as you did with chopping trees before. To get more details about acquiring the cobblestones or if you are interested in making a cobblestone farm then you can visit this article.

Making a Wooden Pickaxe: So, let’s start making one of the basic pickaxes which is the wooden pickaxe for simplicity. Here you will need 3 wooden planks that you need to place in the first row and 2 sticks that you need to place in the bottom two slots of the center column as shown. You already chop some wooden logs in the previous section so 1 wooden log will give you 4 wooden planks and 2 wooden planks will give you 4 sticks that you can utilize to make this recipe.

Making a Charcoal

Now when you access the furnace you will notice two different slots on the left side on the top slot you need to place the wooden log that will be smelted. In the bottom slot, you need to place any fuel and here you can place any spare wooden log that you have or planks.

What You Can Do with Charcoal?

You can make torches with charcoal by combining it with a stick as shown below that works as a light source in dark places and it can also be used as a fuel source as well.

It can also be used as fuel 1 charcoal will burn for 80 seconds in the furnace.


The furnace is one of the most versatile tools in the Minecraft game since it can be used for a range of tasks like smelting ores and cooking raw food. But all of this necessitates the usage of fuel, and one of the fuel sources that will be explored in this article is charcoal.

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