How to make a Cauldron in Minecraft

A cauldron is one of the blocks available in Minecraft that can be used to mainly store liquids such as water and lava in it. You can use an empty bucket filled with either water or lava then you can store it inside a cauldron. In, this way you don’t need to carry these liquid sources along with you which will also make some space for your inventory as well. Other than that, you can return anytime and use these sources for your own benefits:

Material Required to Make a Cauldron

You require 7 pieces of the iron ingot to make 1 cauldron.

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Now we will discuss the whole process in detail that need to be followed to make a Cauldron

Getting iron ore

Iron ingot can only be crafted by gathering iron ore that you can get by mining. Mining is possible using a pickaxe which is made of different materials.

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Making a Stone Pickaxe

You can use a stone pickaxe if you are a beginner but others such as iron, gold, or diamond pickaxe can also be used. So, you can make one by placing 3 cobblestones and 2 sticks on a crafting table.

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Note: You can gather cobblestones using a wooden pickaxe that can be made using 3 wooden planks and 2 sticks.

Making a Furnace and Iron Ingots

Now the next item that you need is the furnace in which you will place iron ores and any fuel source that will provide you iron ingots through smelting. You can make one by placing 8 cobblestones on a crafting table.

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One of the most basic and easily available fuel sources that you can use is a wooden log and after getting some you need to place them at the bottom and iron ores at the top to create some iron ingots.

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Making Cauldron

As discussed before, placing 7 iron ingots on a crafting table will give you 1 cauldron which can be seen below.

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Uses of Cauldron

You can put lava or a water bucket inside it and it will be stored for later use.

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You can fill up to 3 glass bottles with water that can be used in making potions or you can also fill it with empty water buckets. Water buckets can be used for making different farms or you can combine it with lava to make an obsidian stone that is needed to travel to nether.


In Minecraft, a cauldron is mainly used to store liquid materials such as water or lava inside it. In this way, you can have more available space in your inventory which can be used to store other valuable items. You can return whenever you like to use these store liquids for your benefit.

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