How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world you come across structures which are high enough that going up or down can be difficult but there is a solution for this problem called bubble elevator. You can make a bubble elevator to go up and down to reach high altitude places, this article is all about how you can make a bubble elevator in Minecraft.

Material Required to Make Bubble Elevator

To make a bubble elevator you need to get the following items first:

Glass Blocks

You can craft glass blocks using sand:

Water Bucket

In Minecraft you can make a bucket using iron ingot and then can fill it water later:


You can find kelp in any water region in the Minecraft:

Soul Sand

You can get soul sand when you are in nethers:

Sign Board

You can craft sign board using sticks and wood planks:

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

Once you have gathered all the items needed to make an elevator you can start making it by following the below mentioned steps:

Step1: Make a boundary of 4x blocks leaving the centre block empty using glass blocks as high as you want:

Step 2: Take bucket in your hand and click in the centre of the glass block to fill up the area with water:

Step 3: Go inside the elevator area and start placing kelp blocks to make the water blocks:


Step 4: Now again go to the bottom break all the kelp and dig a block: 

Step 5: Place soul sand to make upward moving bubble elevator:

Step 6: You will automatically move upward with the bubbles moving upward:

Step 7: Place two more glass blocks at outer corner of the elevator:

Step 8: Break the adjacent two glass and place sign board there as shown in picture below:

Note: By swapping out the soul sand with a magma block, players can make the elevator face the opposite direction and descend instead.


To make your movements easy in Minecraft you can make a bubble elevator. You can make one by using glass blocks, kelp, and soul sand. To make a bubble elevator you can follow the steps explained in the guide above.

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