How to make Bricks in Minecraft

Minecraft offers a variety of building blocks that can be used to construct a variety of buildings. But if you are interested in creating a modern style building then you should consider bricks as it has red-colored stripes which makes them unique compared to the other building blocks available in the game.

Materials Required to Make Bricks

You need 1 clay ball, a furnace, and fuel to make 1 brick and you can increase the quantity depending on the number of bricks that you want to make.

Fuel quantity depends upon the amount of bricks you want to make.

How to get a Clay Ball

Clay can be found around the shores or underwater on the surface and you can mine them even just by punching or you can use any kind of shovel which is a quick and better way to do this.

Now when you mine them either with your hands directly or by using a shovel which is a better and quicker way to do this; you will receive clay balls which is the first required item to make a brick.

How to make a Furnace

To make a furnace, you need at least 8 cobblestones that you can get by mining blocks of stones. These stones can be found in every other biome in the river, mountains, and caves. You can mine them by using at least a wooden pickaxe that will drop some pieces of cobblestones on the ground.

Now place 8 cobblestones on the crafting table to make a furnace.

This is the second essential item that is required to make bricks. Now let’s move to the third and last part in the next section.

How to Get Fuel for a Furnace

Getting fuel is one of the easiest things to do as you can use just a wooden log for this purpose by chopping any tree in the game. There are other fuel sources also available in the game like wooden planks, coal, fences, and so on. But getting them requires additional steps and that’s why using a wooden log is the easiest and simplest one to use as fuel.

How to Make Bricks

Place the furnace on the ground and put some clay balls that will be converted into bricks through the smelting process using a wooden log as fuel.


Brick is a building block available in the Minecraft game that has a unique red stripe-based structure which you won’t find in any other block in the game. Using this will make your building more stylish, modern, and more appealing to the eyes.

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